Chapter 25: Always Knew You Were Kinky

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Tyler was leaning against the hood of his car, oblivious to the group of sophomore girls who were chattering loudly right next to the neighbouring car. His hair shifted upon his forehead as it was pushed back by the light breeze, giving way to the intense concentration on his face. The girls looked up every couple of moments, purposely letting out loud shrieks of laughter but Tyler was too busy tapping repeatedly on his phone.

I guess the tenth graders were just too young to remember and nobody had warned them otherwise. I mean, they had been in middle school when Tyler began his descent from the top, so they had no idea what idiots they looked like, trying to get the attention of a guy who would never spare them a second glance.

As I approached Tyler, one by one, their heads perked up in my direction, following me with disdainful glares. Chuckling under my breath, I turned my attention back to my best friend's brother, letting out a laugh when his focused face fell.

"God dammit!" He breathed angrily, pocketing his phone and letting out a breath of frustration.

"Temple Run?" I asked, eyeing him carefully when his head shot up in surprise.

Once he registered the fact that it was only me, Tyler wrinkled his nose and pursed his lips. Shaking his head, he gave me an exasperated look.

"Flappy Bird." He grunted, moving his hair back when the wind pushed it into his eyes.

Grimacing, I let out a light laugh and crossed my arms over my chest.

"What's your high score?" I asked daringly.

His bottom lip jutted out as he pouted, giving me a sheepish look.

"Thirteen," Tyler replied pathetically, brushing his hair back once again and peering at me with a questioning look. "Yours?"

"Ninety seven."

I giggled when his jaw dropped, leaving his mouth wide enough to catch flies.

"Seriously?" He voiced incredulously, gaping at me.

I paused for a long moment, drinking in the adorable way his entire face lit up in astonishment before snorting.

"No, of course not!" I spluttered, feeling my face redden as I attempted to hold in my laughter. "Couldn't get past twenty."

The way in which his face dropped was so comical that I let out a guffaw, throwing my head back as I cackled at him.

"Did you seriously think I'd be that amazing?" I breathed between each laugh as Tyler gave me a flat look.

"Not funny," He grumbled, casting his eyes away as I leaned against his car hood and playfully bumped my shoulder against his.

"Aww come on Tyler, you know what I'm like," I grinned, causing him to glance up at me with a scowl. "You've always beaten me in every single game."

Just like the egoistic boy he used to be, Tyler's confidence and cockiness rocketed sky-high after being reminded how amazing he was at video games. His scowl lessened considerably, slowly dissolving into a goofy smile as he blinked at me.

"Oh yeah," His eyes glazed over at the memories I presented him. "I guess I am better than you at everything."

The smugness lacing his voice pulled my lips into a straight line as I gave him a flat look and rolled my eyes.

"Dude," I pulled out my phone and thrusted it in his face. "My high score is still better than yours."

Once again, the sheepish look returned before he mirrored my straight face, narrowing his eyes just a fraction.

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