Chapter 48: Surprise, Surprise, It's My First Time Too

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[A/N: Sorry for the late update. I already wrote it and just needed to post it but passed out from exhaustion yesterday after pulling an all nighter the day before. 
Songs for the chapter:

- Taylor Swift // Today Was A Fairytale
- We The Kings // Say You Like Me]

Winter break had only just begun and I was already sprawled on the couch, home alone with nothing better to do than flick through Saturday morning cable channels. The lonely silence that echoed throughout the house was a painful reminder that my friends were enjoying yet another date whereas I hadn't even been on my first. Grumbling into my bowl of Cheetos, I tried to rake a hand through my curls but my fingers got caught up in the tangles, trapped inside the bird's nest I hadn't washed for two days.

I hadn't even bothered to shower this morning, opting for the crazy cat lady look with pyjama shorts and a crumpled tee that belonged to my father. Of course that did nothing to ease the blinding fact that I had nothing to do all day besides shift my position on the couch every few minutes to avoid an inevitable back pain.

Currently I was hanging upside down with my legs propped up on the back rest. Blood rushed to my head, darkening my entire face a deep shade of pink but at least the cookery show that I had settled on was more amusing to watch when the appetising lamb chops were upside down.

"This is pathetic," I grunted, hoisting myself up and flopping down so that I was laying with the armrest cushioning my head.

Lapsing into enough boredom to make me delirious and yawning every five moment, I wondered if it was possible to go crazy and spontaneously die from having absolutely nothing to do. Pair that with my torrent of thoughts about Tyler and there was no surprise regarding the dull ache in my head.

After our triumphant A grade in the assignment, Tyler had kissed me again before my next class and it was by far the best. My chest had been lurching nonstop since I got home and I could barely sleep last night. What failed to make sense was the status of our relationship.

I thought he would whip out the question and finally ask me: "Ashley Rose Martin, would you do me an honour of allowing me to be your partner in crime for the rest of eternity?"

Okay, maybe not that extreme. I guess Blake held the blame for making my expectations so high with his endless collections of rom-com's but I'd never had a boyfriend before and I just wanted everything to be special.

Maybe I was dreaming too much but what was so wrong about that. Every girl wanted to be asked out in an extravagant way. Or was that just me?

Problem was, the toll was at three kisses. Three kisses in three days and I was going out of my mind trying to figure out where I stood with Tyler. He currently liked me enough to make out with me in front of Mr Reid so I guess I meant more than his usual flings.

Just as I was going to try out another Olympic gymnast worth position on the couch, my phone vibrated, shooting irritating tingles up my thigh. Snatching it from where it was buried, I prayed that I hadn't butt-dialed anybody and scrolled through my most recent texts.

I'm picking you up for a surprise in ten minutes. Dress warm munchkin.

Confused, I scanned the words and knitted my eyebrows together. Surprise? What surprise? My birthday was over three months ago and Christmas was two weeks away. Was there a special occasion about this Saturday in particular?

Frowning deeply, I read Tyler's text three times before glancing at the clock. I had wasted a minute already. Springing into action, I peeled myself off the couch and bolted up the stairs two at a time. Tyler was going to be at my house in ten minutes and I hadn't even showered. Smelly, gross and starving beyond belief, I was sight to look up - kind of like a demonic beast that had spent three thousand years in hibernation.

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