Chapter 2: He's Mad, Real Bad

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
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"What exactly did you hear?" I demanded, feeling extremely defensive for reasons that I wasn't quite sure of yet.

I tried reasoning with myself that all I did was simply voiced the truth. Then again, I did just insult him in a blinded outburst to our teacher. Averting my gaze, I felt the sudden need to protect myself from his murderous gaze.

"Hear what?" He cocked his head to the left and his scowl deepened. "That I'm 'useless in the grand scheme of life?'"

My cheeks reddened as a wave of heat coursed through my body. A great sense of humiliation made my eyes skirt across the floor in desperation. With no sight of Mona or Blake, I settled on staring at my battered, black chucks. I fiddled with the loose threads that poked out of my sweater's sleeves.

"I didn't mean for it to come out that way."

"Oh, I think you meant it!" He snapped sardonically, his voice simmering with anger.

Nostalgia choked me when I glanced up. His stormy eyes were a whirlwind of emotions - a massive change from his usual guarded form. I tried to capture the fleeting emotions as his eyes furiously searched mine and I managed to retrieve anger, incredulity and the usual grief; but there was something else that lay embedded beneath all that. Hurt? Was he seriously that affected by my comment? I couldn't be so sure.

"It's just that you don't bother anymore and I can't fail this class."

"So don't fail - Oh wait! You're going to fail no matter what because I'm your partner, not because you've given up."

The level of sarcasm he used made me wince. Inching forward, his gaze flickered between my bewildered, wide eyes. I felt my chest tighten with nostalgia at how intoxicating his eyes were up close: a tangle of ocean blue and sea green. The proximity between us brought back a series of memories that we shared prior to freshmen year and I had to exhale sharply to suppress the ache in my chest.

"You used to be so different. What the hell happened to you?" His voice was low, dripping with disappointment as he shook his head with disgust.

Tyler was so close to me that I could feel heat riveting off his body and those slender fingers of his were still enclosed around the skin on my wrist sending tiny little shivers throughout me.

"That's a bit rich coming from you, isn't it?" I snapped, trying to snatch my hand back but that only made him tighten his hold.

My voice came out much harsher than I thought possible and combined with my eye roll, all the emotions that were spiralling behind his oceanic eyes were suddenly sucked away into a bottomless black hole. The barrier he had built for himself over the past year and a half was back up and I was back to looking into empty, soulless eyes. A cold shiver ran down my spine.

"Just let me go, please?" I said in tight voice.

Tyler released his grip on my wrist, flinching as if I was dog crap on his shoe before giving me a skin-crawling, filthy look that made my insides churn with horror. A long forgotten feeling surged through me making my chest rise and fall as if I had been running a marathon. My cheeks burned when he refused to tear his eyes away from me, fuelling all his hatred for me into that one glare. A heavy weight seeped through my insides, settling down into the pit of my stomach, but not before flipping over twice. Must be the embarrassment, I thought to myself.

Tyler spun around and stormed down the corridor leaving me stranded in a busy crowd of rowdy teenagers heading towards the cafeteria. I reluctantly followed everybody as an uncomfortable burden of guilt joined the aching heaviness weighing me down.

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