Chapter 18: He Knows Me Better Than I Do

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
- Taylor Swift // I'd Lie]

Tucked up inside Tyler's car, I stared out of the window at the passing houses as we whizzed from street to street. Pressing my head against the cool glass window, I felt the coldness seep through the skin on my temple, counterbalancing the strangely scorching body of mine. My body had been at such a high temperature since Tyler swiped that tear away from my cheek and it was freaking me out - a lot.

I wasn't that stupid. I wasn't that out of touch with my inner feelings and I was sure as hell wasn't one of those naive girls in chick flicks or romantic books who remains oblivious to her feelings until something momentous happens. I've felt like this before; long, long, long ago and I knew, oh too well, what this feeling was associated but I refused to think about it, let alone dwell on it and overthink my body's current reaction to Tyler's touch. I refused to believe any of it at all.

It wasn't worth it. Not after last time.

Lifting my head off the glass, I pressed it back against the headrest and exhaled heavily to ease the pounding instead my head. It felt like there were a dozen drummers thrumming inside my mind, breaking out a funky beat that made me clench my teeth.

"Are you alright?" A deep voice interjected the drumming, shooting me a concerned glance before flicking the indicator switch and taking a left turn.

I probably would've grunted a yes but didn't get the chance when a familiar diner came into view - Ruby's Diner - increasing in size as Tyler parked his car and cut off the engine. It was one of the only diners around the suburbs of our town and I wasn't too fond of the food there.

"I thought you were taking me home," I muttered, feeling the wrenching hands in my stomach vibrate with intense hunger.

It had been about three hours since I'd last eaten and my lunch consisted of about six bites of my chicken wrap and three sips of water which did not qualify as a meal.

"I will, when I've eaten."

Giving him a death glare as he unbuckled his seatbelt and slipped out of the car, I quickly picked up my bag and found my purse, retrieving ten bucks and stashing it into my pocket before I jumped out of the car and ran after him.

Ruby's Diner wasn't anything too special and wasn't too busy either. Adorned in the usual 70's retro theme, the padded crimson stools were cracked from use as they ran around the room in front of the counters that were attached to the windows. The rest of the diner was dotted with small white square tables that were cluttered with salt, barbeque sauce, ketchup and mustard along with checkered seats.

When we entered the diner, Tyler stormed right ahead towards the counter and recited his order, leaving me behind to face the full wrath of the swinging door that he didn't bother holding out after shoved it open. What a gentleman!

Using my strength to push the door open, I darted to the counter and glared at him before the guy behind the counter turned to me.

"And you ma'am?"

Looking above his oily, receding hairline, I eyed the laminated menu that was scrawled in massive, cursive handwriting behind him and squinted at the prices before settling for one of the cheaper options.

"Can I get the steak with roasted parsnips, tomatoes and scallions?"

The guy nodded as he scrawled it down before looking up at us again.

"Is that all?"

I nodded at the same time that Tyler leaned forward and spoke up.

"Actually, add another chocolate milkshake to my order thanks."

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