Chapter 65: Truths And Stolen Kisses

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A sliver of light crept past a gap in my blinds, spotlighting my right eye and chasing away any chance of falling asleep again. Not that I wanted to anyway - I had done too much of that in the past two days after being confined to my room because of the stunt Tyler and I pulled.

Apparently the nurses called my mom while she was home on a mission to change her clothes and to make sure everything was fine and dandy back there. She drove to the hospital in record time but thankfully, Tyler got me back into my room minutes before Mom burst in, frantic and furious. Obviously I pretended to be asleep, so that saved the lecture until yesterday morning but after lecturing Tyler for being reckless, we got off pretty lightly.

Right now, my head was sore but the stabbing pain was numbed by painkillers. According to Dr Wilson I had suffered traumatic brain injury but they weren't quite sure what the extent of the damage was. My speech, touch, smell, ability to read and vision seemed close to perfect. Well my vision was crap to begin with after the accident on my tenth birthday, but it hadn't worsened.

However my motor skills were slightly rusty because I had been confined to the same bed for almost two weeks straight now. It was weird to think that this time a three weeks ago, Tyler was teaching me to drive and our lives were pretty much close to perfect and now I was struggling to draw up some of my dearest childhood memories.

Yesterday the team of doctors working on my diagnosis asked Mom to go through some early memories with me and Dr Wilson made notes if I had any recollection of them or not. There were a few I did remember, but most of them hit a blank wall in my mind and it frustrated me endlessly.

I wondered why the accident had chosen to spare me the memory of my father's brutal death but stole most of my good memories with him as a kid. Hot tears pooled around my eyes and I croaked at everybody to leave my room. Mom tried to protest but I began to thrash about, screeching from the intense pain that scraped against my skull. I managed to ruin the bandages covering my burns and three nurses had to quickly rewrap them before they got infected.

Just as a precaution, I was forced to take antibiotics but at least I was left alone after that. Dr Wilson made sure that nobody disturbed me and I was grateful that she understood that I needed my privacy.

I needed time to come to terms with the accident and all that I had lost.

The first time round, I lost my father and now I had lost almost all of my good memories surrounding him. Unable to move, I sobbed silently, croaking like a strangled cat as I tried to muffle my loud whimpers.

What did I do to deserve such rotten luck?

I don't know how long I spent crying, but hours later a sharp pain stabbed against my skull and I had no choice but to press the button beside my arm to call a nurse. When she came bustling in, Dr Wilson strode in behind her with exhausted eyes and worry lines framing her forehead.

"My h-head," I choked, struggling to string together a coherent sentence when the world was spinning around me.

Soon I was seeing double and combined with my poor eyesight, delirium forced me to cry out with agony. Sobbing helplessly, I heard Dr Wilson shout frantic orders at the nurse and soon I was being carted into a blinding white room for an MRI scan. Although my exterior injuries didn't allow me to move much, I was lowered onto the cold plastic surface by two nurses. They had to make certain that my bandages remained intact since my third degree burns were pretty serious.

"I'm sorry for the rush Ashley but the sooner we get an image of your brain, the sooner I can make sure that you aren't suffering from any complications that can lead to a brain haemorrhage," She explained as another doctor took charge.

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