Chapter 70: Did He Do That...Thing?

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
- Gabrielle Aplin // Wake Up With Me
- Britt Nicole // Still That Girl]

The blinding sunlight woke me up, spotlighting the entire left side of my face in warmth. I sighed with content and rolled over, stretching my back and curling my toes before opening my eyes. Two sea-green oceans were laid out before me. They were a waiting, sleeping, rousing colour, stretching for miles like the sky on a clear day, meeting the horizon at the edge of the world. Except this sky was a perfect shade of sea green. I blinked slowly, trying to orientate myself as my mind gradually connected the dots, piecing together last night's events like a game of hangman, one word at a time, one flashback at a time. My cheeks darkened at the vivid memories.

Tyler was leaning on his elbow, using it to prop his head up as he drank in my face and it's morning glory. I don't know what fascinated him more: the dried drool crusting a trail on the corner of my mouth or the gunk building around the inner corner of my eyes.

"Morning sleepyhead," He breathed with a content smile, gently tracing circles along my abdomen. I grunted in reply, ignoring the heated sensations that rippled along my skin from his touch. "Aren't you just a chirpy little ray of sunshine."

"It's too early to be happy," I groaned, rubbing my eyes to get rid of any crusts before burying my head into his chest.

Any movement made my joints protest with discomfort. My muscles felt looser than jelloid and I was sore all over, aching in places I never thought possible.

"Not if I get to wake up like this every morning for the rest of my life," He tucked a lock of my straight hair behind my ear and traced my jawline before pressing his lips against my cheek.

My blush made Tyler laugh and he turned his focus to my lips. His mouth hovered over mine and he clipped my chin to keep my head in place.

"I love you," He whispered against my lips and I fought back a goofy grin, pecking him quickly.

"You said that quite a lot last night before we fell asleep," I murmured, sliding an arm around his neck to kiss him again, this time deep enough to make him smile into my mouth.

"What about before we fell asleep?" He pulled back and gave me a sly smirk. "You said my name quite a lot."

Pressing my hands against his tanned, bare chest, I pushed him away and rolled over so that my back was facing him. My cheeks were on fire, burning a hole through his bed sheets as I shoved a fist into my mouth to suppress an embarrassed scream.

"We are so not having this conversation right now!" I hissed, grabbing the corners of my pillow and wrapping it around my head.

"Oh yes we are," Tyler chuckled and sat up.

The bed dipped as he crawled towards me and then suddenly he was straddling my stomach and pulling my hands down so that my beetroot face was on show.

"Get off me!" I squealed when his hands tickled my sensitive neck. "Tyler! Stop that!"

My arms feebly pounded his chest until he used one hand to clasp both my wrists, clamping my hands above my head. His eyes glittered with mischief and I screamed when his fingers darted all over my body, tickling my neck, armpits and my sides.

"Say you love me too then."

"No!" I squealed, successfully wriggling a hand out of his tight grasp above my head and shooting it out to grab his crotch. "Do you want a remake of the last time I did this?"

Surprisingly his grin widened and he bent down, silencing me with a long kiss.

"You'll get the same reaction, always," He sang with a smirk and this time I gave into his wandering hands when he let go of the hand above my head.

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