Chapter 21: Second Anniversary

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
- The Fray // How To Save A Life
- Avril Lavigne // When You're Gone
- He Is We // Breathe]

Whisking a bowl of cream, I eyed the pathetic, watery consistency inside the bowl and groaned out loud. I swiped the cold sweat off my forehead and planted my hands on the graphite counter, struggling to stay upright.

Nothing was going right today - my cream was flat, my cake mix was too thick and the oven wasn't heating up properly.

Usually I would have been able to bear such technicalities but since since my conversation with Blake in Physics, my head was throbbing and my raw eyes were protesting from the amount of tears they let loose earlier this morning. They were bloodshot; and paired with my puffy lips, I was pretty sure I looked closer to a fish than a human being today.

When Ms Smith called the class to one of the work stations at the front of the room, I trudged forward like a zombie and sidled up to Mona. She shot me a concerned smile but I focused on our teacher demonstrating how to properly ice a cake. I tried to ignore the loud chatter coming from behind me as Michelle and Ali bitched about me. They kept giggling about Tyler's evident absence and I felt my fingers itch to punch them. Well not Ali Reynolds, she was too slow and dim-witted but Michelle was going to taste my fist soon.

"Wanna have a Girls Night tonight?" Mona whispered, drawing me away from my dangerous fantasy. I frowned with confusion and she rolled her eyes. "Sleepover? You look like you need someone to talk to."

"No thanks, I'll pass," I replied in a curt voice, struggling to focus on her offer when the girls behind were verbally degrading me. A flicker of hurt fleeted across Mona's eyes and I sighed heavily before rephrasing my answer. "I meant that I need to be alone for today, you know? Because of Taylor's anniversa-"

She clasped my shoulder and squeezed gently.

"It's okay, I get it. Another time, yeah?"

I nodded and meekly smiled, grateful that she understood. Taking a step backwards, I accidentally trod on Michelle's toe, causing her to yelp with pain as she jumped back and let loose a ring of curse words at me.

"Jesus dumbass, watch where you stamp your elephant feet."

Unable to handle her insults any longer, I whirled around and glared at her.

"Elephant feet? Really? Is that the best you have cooped up in that pea sized brain of yours?"

"Actually no," She snapped, dark eyes flashing at my defiance. "Your existence bothers me a lot more than your feet."

I scoffed and angrily shoved my hair out of my eyes, purposely ignoring Mona's tense shoulders when she turned around, suddenly attracted to the commotion.

"Save your breath," My friend crossed her arms over her chest and took an intimidating step forward. "You'll need it to blow up Dylan."

My jaw unhinged itself but Michelle's clanged to the ground. I bit back a malicious laugh when she coughed with surprise, struggling to come to terms with the words thrown at her.

"Aww, the little Oompa Loompa speaks," She sneered, staring down at Mona with disinterest before sliding her gaze to me. "So are you going to apologise for your elephant feet or not?"

"Sure," I smiled before letting it drop into a scowl. "I'll apologise when you do for being ugly on the inside as you are on the outside."

"Well that's a shame because that's never gonna happen," She threw her head back and let loose a giggle as if I had just shared a funny joke with her. "How weird! I never took you to be the jealous type."

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