Chapter 28: Keeping Promises

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[A/N: Song for the chapter:
- Owl City // Shooting Star]

The aroma of popcorn settled around Blake's bedroom when he strolled in, holding two large bowls overflowing with it.

"Finally," Mona drawled, looking up from her cellphone as she spun around on his computer chair. "Were you jerking off down there or does it really take ten minutes to make popcorn?"

Leaning back on his desk, I nudged her with my shoulder, discreetly laughing before sparing Blake an apologetic smile after he finished giving us both a mocking glare.

"If you keep up with those snarky comments you won't be getting any," He winked at her and I sniggered when her cheeks turned red.

"Shut the hell up!" She hissed, before drinking in my raised eyebrow. "I mean, it's not like I want..." Mona trailed off when Blake waggled his eyebrows and let out a frustrated shriek. "Stop looking at me like that! Like I would ever stoop that low! You're nowhere near hot!"

Pushing myself off his mahogany desk, I sloped along the carpet and jumped onto his Captain America bed sheets. Propping up his pillows, I leaned against the headboard and watched my friends bicker about Blake's ability to pull girls.

"You do realise that six girls have already asked me to homecoming right?" He crossed his arms over his chest, seemingly trying to make his already massive muscles bulge out even more.

Mona rolled her eyes and picked at her cuticles.

"And at least half of them were part of Michelle's clique?"

Blake scoffed and shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, so what? They still count."

She wrinkled her nose with disgust and laughed.

"No they don't. And the other half were underclassmen, am I correct?"

Blake's neck started to redden and he turned his head to the side, perplexed that his ego was being crushed to a pulp.

"Well it's not like you've had guys lining up to ask you to homecoming!" He bit back, trying to push Mona's buttons like she had done to him.

I expected her to come up with a smartass retort but she gnawed on her bottom lip.

"Actually Simon asked me," She mumbled in a hushed tone, refusing to meet our gawking expressions.

"Oh, is that so?" Blake snapped, breaking the silence just as I squealed, "That's amazing!"

"Yeah," She looked at me with an uncertain smile and I felt like she was communicating something I couldn't decipher.

What was wrong with Simon? He wasn't all that bad looking - light brown hair, deep blue eyes and a nice, lean body - and he's the goalkeeper for our soccer team, so he couldn't be that much of a loser.

Well, we did hate all the guys on the soccer team besides Blake but Simon was less of a douchebag than the others, like Dylan and Jonah.

"Did you say yes?" I prodded gently, giving her smile as opposed Blake's deep scowl.

She shook her head, lifting up her brown eyes to meet his.

"Well that must have crushed him," Blake laughed and I frowned at his insensitivity.

What was his problem? Mona may be a loud mouth, outgoing ball of energy, but she was beyond considerate and I was sure she felt guilty for rejecting Simon.

"Blake!" I hissed warningly when Mona stared at the ground with a pained grimace.

His features softened, "Don't worry, I'm sure one of Michelle's minions will take pity on him."

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