Chapter 16: A Walk Into The Past

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Lifting my gaze to the glowing orange sky, I frowned at the tide of pale pink clouds that were running away from the rapidly darkening sky. The horizon was dotted with the skyline of the town as we strolled in that direction, admiring the beauty of the blood-orange sun as it sunk behind the three largest skyscrapers that our town had.

There were points when we had to shield our eyes from the sun's glare and those were the moments when I stole glances at the brooding young man beside me.

Tyler hadn't said a word to me since I cleverly insulted him, leaving his rooted to the porch as I stormed down the winding, cobbled path that eventually led me to the grand exit to the Miller mansion. After swallowing his pride, he trudged after me, sulking because I wounded his bad boy ego but I was certain he'd live to the see the morning.

My eyes raked over his muscular glory, taking in his black skinny jeans and leather jacket and I couldn't help but admire just how snug and fitted his clothes were. He must have felt the weight of my gaze because he turned his head to the side.

"Is there a reason why you keep staring at me?"

Scalding heat rushed to my cheeks as I shook my head and stared at the pavement, concentrating on the towering shadow that followed after me. It was incredibly hard when every step was followed by the soft graze of Tyler's arm brushing mine but I don't think he noticed how close we were or maybe he just didn't care.

The skin under my sweater tingled like a light tickle every time his arm brushed past mine so I rubbed the area, drawing attention to myself as Tyler glanced down at me. A gust of wind sent my hair billowing backwards and I closed my eyes until it passed, relishing the way it chased the warmth away from my cheeks.

When I stole another glance at him, I did a double take because Tyler was in the process of shrugging his leather jacket off. Watching me with an uncertain glint in his eyes, he pursed his lips and before I knew it, his jacket was hanging off my shoulder, emanating a comforting heat that only made the previous tingles on my arms travel all over my body.

"I'm not cold," I protested but he only raised his eyebrows at me when I shivered lightly.

"Of course you're not," He drawled, picking up the pace.

How was I supposed to explain that I wasn't shivering because of the cold?

I frowned deeply. Nonetheless, I zipped up the jacket that seemed to swallow me and welcomed the powering scent that overwhelmed my nerves, setting my nose alight as inhaled deeply. Tyler smelt good; really, really good. I felt slightly guilty because he was left with a skin tight, long sleeved shirt that was definitely not enough to fend off the wind. Being halfway through autumn meant that even though the real cold hadn't arrived yet, it still got quite chilly at nighttime.

"Aren't you cold?"

Tyler shrugged his shoulders and spared me a glance.

"Why? Are you gonna be a gentleman and offer me my own jacket?" He teased and I rolled my eyes but didn't bother gracing him with a snarky comeback.

As the late September breeze continued to steal away with my body warmth, I folded my arms over my chest and pressed Tyler's leather jacket closer to my body. Cursing his tree trunk limbs, I tried to keep up with his fast pace. It was kind of hard considering the fact that his legs branched out far longer than mine so I had to take two steps for every one he took.

When I was certain he was lost in his thoughts, I stole my hundredth glance at Tyler. My eyes danced over his body, drinking in another dosage of his golden blond hair, visualising a shorter and slender version of him with waist-length hair that was also spun from real gold.

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