Chapter 69: Been Waiting Since Seventh Grade

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[A/N: This chapter is very, very long (10,000+ words) and I'm really tired guys so don't be mad if there are mistakes. I don't have the energy to proofread it - not even once. Songs for this chapter:
- One Direction // Little Things
- Florence and the Machine // Never Let Me Go
- Katy Perry // Teenage Dream
- Ellie Goulding // Stay Awake]

Snip. Snip. Snip.

Dull brown rings fluttered to the floor around me. I pursed my lips and frowned as the posh, cat lady tending to my hair made another attempt to strike a conversation. I could actually recite her back story five times over from the amount of times she had told me about her life. Rich husband, eighteen grandchildren, and of course she had to have eight cats. Eight!

"Your husband is a dashing young man," She smiled at me through the mirror and I blushed. "I haven't seen a young man so elegantly attired and well spoken since I met my sweet Roger in the sixties."

"For the last time, he is not my husband," I protested and she rolled her eyes like I was lying about a secret we both knew about. "I'm being serious. Look at my hand. No ring."

"Oh, okay." She mumbled quietly before going off her own crazy tangents. "Is he your fiancé then?"

"God, no! I said I'm not wearing a ring."

I turned a bright shade of red as she continued to bombard me with questions about my relationship with Tyler.

"You have two rings on your necklace. Is that what young people are doing these days?" She angled her scissors vertically and began to cut off larger chunks.

"I said we're not getting married."

"So he hasn't proposed to you yet?"

"Oh for the love of god," I muttered under my breath.

"Do you live together, at least?" She asked and I buried my face into my hands and groaned.

"No, living with Tyler would be hell," I replied dismissively and she raised her perfectly drawn on eyebrows, urging me to continue so I bit back a frustrated scream and carried on. "He's really sweet and would probably make me breakfast every morning and tidy the mess I leave behind and he would take care of all the adult things like bills, taxes and other necessities but Tyler is Tyler."

"Meaning?" She prompted me to list the bad points about living with my boyfriend.

"Meaning that...I don't know. He's pretty much perfect at everything and knows how to care for me. He can sense my mood swings and surprises me with little, thoughtful gifts all the time. Not many people can appreciate silence but he can and he's also incredibly good with kids. I feel like he'll be the greatest father to his children because he has learnt the hard way what neglect can do a kid. But Tyler can be..."

I broke off my ramble and frowned. There were no buts. Living with Tyler would probably be the coolest thing in the world.

The old lady winked at me in mirror and I lowered my gaze to my stubby fingernails. For the first time since I entered the VIP room an hour ago, silence fell and my heart hammered pretty loudly in my chest.

"So," The lady grinned at me and I cowered away with horror at the sight of her pearly teeth. "When's the date?"

When she was done cutting my hair she moved onto styling. I sat still as she rummaged through a drawer and thanked my lucky stars that the roar of the hair dryer was going muffle her idle chatter. After I drummed it into her thick skull that Tyler and I weren't getting married, she began to rile me up by saying that he would propose to me tonight at dinner. I felt the urge to take my nails over my face but plastered on a fake smile and gritted my teeth together.

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