Chapter 60: You're Not A Creep, You're My Creep

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
- Rihanna // Birthday Cake
- Katy Perry // Birthday
- Calvin Harris // Feel So Close
- Zedd // Find You
- Ellie Goulding // Goodness Gracious <3
- Arctic Monkeys // I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor]

"Miss Martin, will you please wake up and pay attention to my class!"

Not that I was sleeping in the first place, but I picked my head off my desk and bit back an eye roll at Mr Davies' rude tone. Jesus, did his wife kick him out or something? His knickers had been in twist since class started ten minutes ago. I held his accusatory stare and pushed my shoulders back.

"Since you've done nothing but sleep since the start of class, can you explain to your fellow classmates what the photoelectric effect is?" He snapped and my mouth dried as a few heads turned around.

I gulped nervously and cursed under my breath. "Umm, if I can recall correctly...It's, uh, when a photon is, when it's absorbed by a metal surface and that energy is transferred to a single electron. If that energy is greater than the work function then a photoelectron will be released."

I pursed my lips, squinting at the notes I hastily wrote last night before meeting my teacher's gaze.

"Wonderfully phrased!" Mr Davies smiled and I drew back at the sight of his coffee stained incisors. Was he bipolar? I was pretty sure he was planning to make a voodoo doll out of me a few seconds ago and now he was flashing me a toothy smile. Weird. "But the next time I catch you asleep in my class I'll give you a detention. Understand?"

Before I could reply, there was an abrupt knock on the door before it swung open and a guy with black hair sloped in with pink cheeks and a giddy grin.

"Mr Sinclair! Class started ten minutes ago!"

The latecomer's head shot up and he mumbled a series of apologies and excuses before he trudged towards our table near the back. Blake tossed his backpack onto the floor and flopped down, sparing me a brief glance.

"Nice shirt," He grinned before turning his head to the front.

I narrowed my eyes a fraction before glancing down at my chest. I was wearing my favourite red plaid shirt. I probably wore it at least once every week and it was beyond worn out and frayed about the sleeves. It was most definitely not worthy of a compliment.

"Why are you so happy?" I raised an eyebrow as he began to hum a pop punk song under his breath: 'Weightless' by All Time Low.

My question barely got through to the birthday boy. It seemed like his head was submerged in water and the dazed grin that bunched up his cheeks made me certain that it had something to do with Mona. A slow grin worked its way onto my face as I clapped my hands together.

"Oh my god! Did Mona give them to you already? She told me she'd wait until tonight!" I breathed.

Blake's head snapped in my direction.

"Did Mona give me what? And what's happening tonight?"

His second question made me freeze and I clamped a hand over my mouth. He seemed confused by my reaction and I tried to laugh it off, terrified that I had given away the surprise Tyler and I had in store for his birthday tonight.

"Ash? You're scaring me...Why can I see all of your teeth? Stop smiling at me like that!"

Suddenly, my cheeks began to ache but I couldn't suppress my jaw breaking grin. My excitement peaked.

"Mona gave you the concert tickets, didn't she?" I sang, poking his cheek with pen to snap him out of his terrified facial expression.

He nodded slowly as if he couldn't quite comprehend the fact that Mona bought them both tickets to see Fall Out Boy. I was with her the night she sat in front of her laptop, refreshing the page every second to make sure she didn't miss out on them before they sold out in seconds. Miraculously, she landed two front row tickets for the concert, and even if it wasn't for another five months, Mona had hands down given Blake the best birthday gift out of all of us.

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