Chapter 36: His Bedroom, His Rules

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My eyes fluttered open, blurred and struggling to latch onto anything as I stretched like a cat, arching my back and throwing my arms out whilst a monstrous yawn escaped my lips. Once I shook the sleep away from my limbs, I rolled over and stared straight ahead.

Confused, I blinked and gripped the bed sheets.

My walls were purple, plain and boring unlike the explosive night sky that sparkled overhead. Slowly, the day's events sank in; Tyler's rainbow cake, my restroom encounter with Michelle and my inability to stay awake.

Now that my judgement wasn't clouded or hazy, I swung my legs over Tyler's bed and paused when I noticed my feet were bare. I didn't remember taking my shoes off. Neither did I remember taking my glasses, coat or socks off. Come to think about it, I didn't even remember entering the house or leaving his car.

Did I fall asleep on the journey?

Closing the door behind me, I padded downstairs and tiptoed towards the extravagant living room, scared to make noise when the house was immensely large and empty. The door was ajar, giving me perfect glimpse of the the guy who was sprawled against the largest of the three beige sofas, flicking through different channels before settling on CNN.

I leaned against the doorway, scanning his serene expression and the way his lips were parted when he breathed lightly. Clad in the same denim shirt and khaki jeans I remembered him wearing to school, my gaze lingered on the new addition of his polka-dotted socks and I chewed the inside of my cheek to suppress a laugh.

When I cleared my throat, his eyes snapped up, startled and then surprisingly warm and welcoming. Tyler patted the seat beside him and I trudged towards him, flopping down and fighting back a smile when he brought his arm down so it rested just behind my head.

"You're up a lot earlier than I expected," He mused, turning his body towards me so I had all of his attention.

"Really?" I replied, leaning back so his bare arm brushed the back of my neck. He made no move to move his arm away so I stayed put, hot and flustered by the proximity between us. "What time is it?"

"About ten."

My eyes bulged out, wide as saucers and I sat up, rigid as a pole.

"Ten?" I squealed, "Holy mother of Jesus, I need to call my mum and explain-"

"Ashley," Tyler's hand crashed down on my arm, rooting me to my seat. "Stop freaking out. I called your mom and asked if you could stay the night because I thought you were going to sleep through to the morning."

My shoulders slumped with relief but I still held my breath. "You already called her?"

"Yeah, you fell asleep in the car and I called her after I carried you to my room," Tyler made a face that made me laugh. "You're really heavy, you know."

Stiffly, I planted my bottom back onto the sofa and wondered what my mom thought when Tyler called her, explaining that I was staying the night at his house once again. I couldn't wrap my head around how nice he was being to me but it felt amazing to have someone as considerate as Tyler looking out for me. I didn't want to burden him with my troubles but when he was doing random acts of kindness like this, it was hard to hold back and not tackle him with a crushing hug.

Chuckling, I relaxed back onto the sofa and swung my legs off the ground so they were tucked under my bottom.

"Good, your puny muscles needed that work out."

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