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As you made your way to your room, you heard two voices talking to each other in Vincent's room. You knew it was wrong you listened into the conversation.
"You must understand the rules of the house if you plan on staying here."
"Yes, sir, I'd always dreamed of living in a house like this. But I ask if the other maids approve of my stay here, someone seem....annoyed by my presents."
"Don't worry, give everyone some time to know you. After all you're too sweet to be looked upon as annoying~"

You could feel your heart pound against your rib cage as there was giggling and shuffling around. You hurried away from the door before it could be opened. "Please have a nice day." The new maid, Manglie, let out a thank you before walking off. You could tell that Vincent noticed you because he called you back over, even though you were all the way at the end of the hall. But you told yourself to walk back to him. He looked down at you as you slowly looked up at him. "You seem trouble, is everything ok...?"

You asked with a soft smile and nodded. "Just tired sir, I've been walking all day in kneels!" You joked, making him chuckled softly. "Sorry for bothering you, I'll be in my studies if you need anything. But do call me down for dinner." You nodded to him as he returned to the room, closing the door. Your smile faded as your eyes laid on the new maid, talking to Scott about something. "The bitch thinks she can take my man..." You mumbled to yourself, moving your feet back to your room. "You'll see who he belongs to..." You closed your door behind you.

For the rest of the day, you cleaned around and planned the next day's work plans out. You wanted tomorrow to be more easier than today, you hoped it would be. Once the sun was down low, dinner was set out on the table. You called for Vincent to eat but he was followed by the new maid. You crossed your arms as you glared at her. She didn't seem to notice but Vincent did when his eyes laid on your angered form. He decide to question it later, feeling like he's make it worse at the moment. You were silent through out dinner as everyone ate.

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