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You meowed at PG before running to your room. You turned to your human self and grabbed a towel. You ran down the hall and stairs. You turned and ran to a room. Yesterday when you where washing the dishes, Scott talked to you about a indoor spring. You wanted to check it out so you opened the door. You closed the door behind you before getting fully undressed. You wrapped your towel around you before walking to the Spring. You had a feeling something or someone was watching you. You took the towel off and stepped in the spring. It was hot but not that hot. You stepped in all the way and leaned against one of the sides. You signed and your ears went down.

After awhile, the door opened and a man walked in. He was purple like Vincent but more tall and fit. He had an 8 pack! You found out you where staring by the way the man was staring at you. You blushed and covered yourself when he stepped in and took the towel off his hips. You looked away as he lean against the wall next to you.

You could feel your face burning as he just sat there. After some silence, he spoke up. "So, you're the new one?~" he had a deep, sexual tone then Vincent. You looked him as his white pupils trailed down your body. He smirked, bring his eyes back up to yours. His shoulder had bandaged wrapped around it, making you worry a little. He also had a collar on but, it wasn't a normal collar, it was a shock collar. "Yes" you final spoke. "What happened to your shoulder?" you pointed at it as he looked. "A women almost cut my arm off with a butcher knife~" his eyes glared at you but grinned.

"The names Richard~" he held his hand out as you took it. "(Y/N)" you said smiling and shook his hand. You tried to let go but he only held on. He pulled you over to him as you landed on his chest. You blushed as you heard him chuckle. You looked at him to only get your lips touched by his lips. But his was different from Vincent's or Mike's. He was the third man you kissed. But Richard's lips here softer and sweet. You kissed back leaning more on him.

It was a passionate kiss and lasted a minute, before you felt finger get shoved into you. You pulled away blushing as he smirked wider. Your hand slipped on his chest making him moan softly. "Oh My! Someone Found My Sweet spot~" he pinned you to the side snd kissed you again. You kissed back snd rubbed his chest, making him moan and thrust his finger in you.

You moaned with him but stopped when he pulled them out. You looked at him as he picked you up and set you on the ground. He got out and climbed onto you. You squeaked as his member poked at your entrance. He was about to thrust into you but stopped when the door opened. He growled and looked over to find Vincent standing there. Vincent was holding a leash, a remote and holding his towel up. He growled low as Richard growled at him. You whimpered a bit looking at the both of them. Vincent looked at you then back at Richard. Richard pulled away making you sign and go weak. Richard leaned down, whispering. "I'll finish this later, princess~" he stood up and walked over to Vincent. Vincent stepped out of the way and watched Richard walk away. He looked back at you before closing the door and walking off. You where left on the cold, wet floor. You shivered and got back in the spring.

~little time skip~
the door opened again and you looked to find Vincent. He took the towel off his hips and got in. He sat next to you as you smiled and looked at the ripples of the water. His arm wrapped around your neck, bring you closer. "Sorry, about Richard. He's one that falls for any new maid, since we don't get much here.~" you looked at him as he looked at you. "Why?" "maybe because..." Vincent trailed off not knowing. You sat there quiet with Vincent. You looked at your legs to notice them red. "I'd love to stay longer but, i have to go." Vincent nodded and unwrapped his arm. You walked out as Vincent found himself staring at the back of you and directly at your bum.

You wrapped your towel around yourself and left. You walked to your room and closed the door behind you. "(Y/N)?!" you screamed a little holding the towel close as the door opened. You looked to find Mike standing there. There was a light pink on his cheeks as he stared. "Mike?!" he looked at you. "Hm? What?" "you came in here for..?"he looked around then back at you." hi um......i don't know." he walked out closing the door behind him. You growled a little and grabbed your maid outfit. You put panties and a bra on. You screamed a little when the door opened again. You looked over to find Richard standing there, in his boxers...

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