A new maid, a new enemy

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I got this idea from a brilliant by the name @123456789weird , Thank you!

A few weeks passed and you were able to work again without a bleeding problem. You did your daily chores and washed the dishes. Vincent noticed your hard work and gave you a raised. You thanked him will a squeal and a hug.

It was Monday, a start of a week. You did your job and woke up Vincent, helping him get ready and making breakfast. You noticed he was bothered by something as he ate, he kept looking out the window. You decided to speak up
"Vincent, is everything ok..?" He looked over at you from the sound of your voice. "Yeah...everything is fine. We are...we have a new maid coming to the mansion so I want you on your best behavior." Your heart almost sank from the sudden news but you kept your smile. "Great...when were you going to tell me?" Vincent didn't answer and hurried up and out of the door for work.
You were frozen still as you stared out the window. Watching the limo leave the area. You were brought back to reality from Scott ringing, almost screaming from the jump scare. "Are you ok, you look pale." He turned you so he could look at you better. "There's going to be a new maid." He was confused. "And you're scared of that?" You shrugged the question off and picked Vincent plate up. You took it to the kitchen and threw away the leftover food. You washed the dishes after.

When you were dusting a vase the door bell rang. You panicked a bit and hurried up the stairs. When Scott answered the door you peeked out from the top of the stairs. There was a lady that Scott let in. A new maid could always make a new friend or a new maid.

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