V Brithday

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It has been a few days since the movie night with the others. It was your birthday and someone else's. You woke up early and got dressed. You brushed your hair and walked out. You started to be more closer to Vincent as possible.  you have a thing for him. You knocked on his door quietly. No answer. You walked in and seen the baby grape sleeping. He was bundled up in the blanket with messy, puffy hair. You laid next to him and snuggled closer. He sniffed your shoulder and held you close. You purred at the warmth that was coming off of him. He purred as well and held you closer. You blushes and purred louder. He stroked your belly as you purred. He chuckled and nibbled your neck.

You moaned softly and gripped the bed lightly. He climbed over you as you looked at him. He had no shirt on, his fluffy hair back in a ponytail, And his half lidded soul less white eyes staring down at you. He boxers a little down as his toned body laid down on yours. His head resting in between your breast. You felt your face heat up as he just laid there staring at you.

You tried to look away but Vincent's eyes kept staring at you. "Happy birthday, Master" you smiled as he smirked. "And happy birthday to you too, my kitten~" he grinned and purred. He nuzzled your neck and purred louder. You purred as well and wrapped your arms around Vincent's neck. He kissed your neck softly as you blushed more. His hand traveling around your body. His tongue ran up your neck slowly, making you shiver and moan softly. His hand stopped at the end of your maid shirt. He grabbed a hold of it and pulled the whole thing off. Watching it glad down to the floor. Your face was flushed with red as Vincent laid back down on you and rested his head in between your breast.

He chuckled as your cheeks puffed. You ran your fingers through his soft purple hair. He purred lightly from your action. You kissed his forehead and started to doze off. Vincent smirked and held you close. "Someone sleepy so early in morning?~" you nodded and yawned. "What do you think about napping with your master?~" he nuzzled your neck as you purred. "Up to you Birthday boy" he smiled and held you. You snuggled closer to his chest as he rested his on top of yours. You started to fall asleep.

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