Purple Love

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Vincent's hand ripped your clothes off as you growled. "Vincent! That's my work clothes, be careful!" his eyes glared at you. "How dare you yell at your master!~" You scoffed and walked to the door but you where pulled onto Vincent's bed. "Oh (Y/N), You Can't leave your master Horny~". you blushed a bit and looked away. "So?" Vincent pulled you over to him by your collar. "pleasure me or i'll feed you to the other men outside~" you thought of Richard when he said that, on how that turned out.

You nodded as he smile and sat down. You unbutton his shirt and took it off. He pinned you to the bed after taking his pants off. He kissed you as you kissed back wrapping your arms around his neck, bring him closer. His tongue slidded across your bottom lip and you opened. His tongue snaked in and licked around. You felt Vincent's hand slide under and unclip your bra.

Vincent pulled away and sat on your waist. He bent down and softly licked your sweet spot. You moan softly as you could feel his grin on your skin. He nibbled then bit the spot, making you gasp. He bit hard and blood ran down. "Ow! Vincent!~" he chuckled and licked the blood up. He took your bra off and his finger circled around your nip as you blushed. He pinched the other, making you flinch. He pulled on it as he licked the other. "Vincent, b-be careful, you bit that one~" he stopped pulling on it and looked. There was a bit mark. "Sorry dear~" he licked it a little and sucked. You moaned a little and turned your head.

Vincent pulled away when the door opened and closed. You looked to see Richard, he had scratch marks everywhere on his body. Blood oozed from the claw marks as he walked over. You moved but Richard flopped on your lap. Vincent walked off and came back with a First-Aid. You grabbed it from him and opened it.

You cleaned the cut marks to only get a hiss from Richard. He flipped as Vincent took his pants off. "What happened?" Richard looked at you then at the door. "Mike and Scott found out what i did with....you~" you signed and took his shirt off. You cleaned the claw marks as Richard flinched. Richard looked at you as you cleaned his legs.

Vincent got up and walked to the bathroom as Richard chuckled a bit. He slapped the cloth out of your hand and pinned you to the bed. He kissed you as your eyes widen. You kissed back and flipped to where you're on top. A moan came from Richard as you rubbed his chest a bit. Vincent came out to find you looking innocent as you cleaned Richard's chest.

Richard sat up when you finished. Vincent motioned Richard over as he followed him. You cleaned the bed up and put the Kit away. You put your bra and Richard's shirt on. You wanted Richard's because Vincent ripped your maid outfit. You pulled your panties up more and snuggled into a pillow. You watched as the two purple men talk. You couldn't hear them well. You dozed off a little. You heard them stop as you fell asleep.

~Small time skip~
your eyes blinked slowly as your view cleared. You rubbed your eyes and sat up. You opened your eyes to meet white ones. Vincent smiled. "How was your nap?~" you smiled. "it was nice! Where's Richard?" Vincent pointed behind you so you looked to find Richard asleep. "You where sleeping on him~" you blushed a little. "Im sorry" Vincent only smiled and shook his head. "Its ok. I have a surprize for you~" you felt arms wrap around your waist making you jump. "Hey, don't be surprised, its only me~" it was Richard. Vincent sat on your lap and wrapped his arms around your neck. You looked to only get lips to crash into yours.

you kissed back and felt hands run up under the shirt, making you shiver. Vincent ran his tongue across your bottom lip and you opened. Your bra was unclipped as Vincent explored your cavern. After a minute, Vincent pulled away and took the shirt off as Richard took your bra off. You leaned more on Richard as Vincent's tongue ran across your breast. A squeak escaped when Richard licked the hickey that Vincent gave you.

you moaned as Richard suck your sweet spot and Vincent sucked your breast. You didn't know what to do but moan. Your hand rubbed on Richard as he moan softly. You smirked to yourself and rubbed Richard's chest. He moan but bit your sweet spot, making a whimper escape. He mumbled a sorry and you went limp.

Vincent pulled away and looked at your panties. Richard's hand snaked around and rubbed the wet spot as you whined a bit. Vincent pulled your panties off. You moaned as Vincent stuck a finger in and rubbed your walls. Richard put a finger near your mouth. "Suck~" you opened your mouth and sucked in his fingers. Soon, Vincent pulled his finger out as well as Richard did.

Vincent pulled his and Richard's boxers off. Richard wet your back area and  wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his hand on your
stomach. Vincent poked his member at your entrance and held your legs a part. He sledded in slowly as Richard watched.

Vincent went all the way in and kissed you as Richard slipped his member in from behind. You squirmed a bit at the feeling. Both men where fully in, now. You held onto Vincent as both men thrusted in and out. Richard placed his hands on your hips and thrusted faster than Vincent. You moaned and panted a bit.

Vincent thrusted faster then Richard, making you moan louder and grip on his neck. A grunt came from Richard as he whispered to Vincent. Both men thrusted at a inhuman speed as your mouth was gaped open and panting. You moan along with the two men as they both thrusted in deep and cummed.

You went limp and weak on Vincent. Richard exited you and stood up. Your pants slowed down as Vincent held you close. "How was your surprise?~" Vincent cooed as you blushed. "Nice, Thank you." you took a little nap on Vincent as he held you close.

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