I'm the master for today

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You woke up with a hurting stomach, finding yourself in your bed, not Vincent's. You were wearing a purple shirt that was a bit big on you, It must of been Vincent's. There was presents on the floor from yesterday, your birthday. You must of slept through the day, kind of feeling bad. The presents was mostly from the other maids or butlers. You groaned, holding your stomach and making your way to the bathroom. It must be that time of month. Blood dripped from your panties. "Oh God no..."

After cleaning up yourself and the stain on the bed sheets. You got some pj pants on, keeping the shirt on. You wobbled out your door and walked downstairs. Scott was washing the dishes. He noticed you and rang a little. "Oh (Y/n), you're up!" he wiped his hands and hugged you. You hugged back weakly. "Is something wrong?" He noticed your state. "My stomach hurts, that time of the month again." He sighed. "Well go lay down on the couch, you shouldn't work with a hurting stomach." You smiled from his kindness and wobbled back out and to the living room. You laid down and pulled a blanket on.

Soon, Scott brought you some breakfast, chocolate chop pancakes, eggs (scrabbled/not scrambled) and (bacon/sausage). He put a glass of orange juice on the coffee table. "I made you some breakfast. I figured you wanted something to eat when you went into the kitchen." You smiled and nodded, sitting up. "I also got you a heating pack for your stomach" he placed it next to you. "Thank you, Scotty" you blushed a bit, thinking on how kind and kind he is when your 'sick'. He nods and walks away. Vincent sat next to you when Scott left. "Taking a break, uh?" "I'm on my period and Scott gave me premission." You said with a little sass. You put the heating pack on your stomach and started eating. Vincent turned the TV on and watched (F/TV show). You watched and ate, feeling like a normal person again.

You had finished your food and was laying on the couch, your feet on Vincent's lap. He was massaging them, watching the TV with you. You purred from the feeling and sighed, relaxing more in the couch. Today is a day I'll remember and will enjoy

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