Movie night

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You turned to your human formed as Mike held you. You blushed a bit. "I was think of going to a movie. If you guys want to come?" you looked at them as they looked at each other. "Sure!" Mike said and set you on your bed. Scott got up and left with Mike following behind. Jeremy stood there as you looked at him. He smiled and handed you some clothes that wasn't work clothes. "thank you dear" you hugged him as he hugged back and set the clothes on the night stand. He walked out and closed the door behind him.

You got undressed and got dressed in the clothes Jeremy gave you. It was a (f/c) shirt and jeans. You put your collar and (f/c) beanie on and walked out. You walked to the front door and seen Mike standing there. He had the same jeans, a dark blue hoodie on, his collar and a dark blue beanie. You walked down the stairs and sat on the couch. You sighed and waited for the other two.

Soon, Scott and Jeremy were walking down the stairs, talking to each other. Scott looked at the both of you as you were sitting on Mike's lap with your head on his shoulder. "What took you so long?" Mike asked as Scott sighed. "I was asking the Master and he said we are allowed to go as long as we stick together and treat everyone fairly" Scott held out money that Mike seen right away. "oh gimme!!" he sat up as you hanged on to him. "But I'm carrying the money!" Jeremy whined and stuffed the money in his pocket. Mike walked over as you hanged on his chest.

"But I want the money!" you giggled at the argument and looked. Mike soon gave up and walked outside with you riding on his chest. Scott chuckled and watched. Jeremy followed as Scott followed Jeremy. Mike walked to a blue (f/car). You 'ooo'ed at the sight and mike walked to the back seat door. He held the door open as you hopped in. You giggled and Mike closed the door. You sat up as Jeremy got in on the other side. Mike and Scott in the front. Mike turned the car on and drove to the movie Theatre.

All of you were looking at the movies that was playing. It was between horror or romance. You gagged at the romance section and looked at the horror section. Mike looked at both of them as Jeremy looked at the romantic section. Scott was standing there waiting. "Horror!" you said as Jeremy said "R-Romance!" the both of you looked at each other and hissed. Scott held Jeremy back as Mike held you in his arms. "Mike what do you want to watch?" you questioned as he stared at the movies. "......Romance~" you gagged and fell out of his arm as Scott caught you.

Mike ordered tickets for (F/romance movie). Scott carried you in as your arms hanged off his shoulders. You sighed and had to deal with it. Mike grinned and walked behind Scott. "You feeling ok, Princess?" you hissed at him and rested more on Scott. "Heh I didn't know you loved romance~" he chuckled . "I don't like romance...." you and the guys made it to the snack bar as you wanted popcorn and a slushy. You held the popcorn and slushy as Scott carried you to the movie room. Mike and Jeremy kept looking at you as you stared back at them. Once you finally made it inside the room, Scott set you in one of the seats and he sat next to you. Mike sat on the other side and Jeremy next to Mike. You held the bucket of popcorn as the lights went out. Scott pulled out two blankets and gave one to Mike and Jeremy as you and Scott shared the other.

The movie turned out great and funny. You laughed at most of the funny parts but not to loud. All four of you got out of the movie Theater and walked around the mall. Since the mall is outside, the night was chilly but you are use to the cold. You stretches out and heard a crack as the other three looked at you. "i'm ok" you smiled at they sighed and Mike wrapped an arm around you. "Did you have fun?" Scott asked as you nodded and looked at a candy store. You ran into it as the others followed after you. You gasped and wandered in the candy land like store. Each color was in the store, making your eyes sparkle.

when you walked out of the candy land store, you had two bags full of candy and a lollipop in your mouth. "What will you like to do now, candy Princess?" mike snickered as you blushed a bit and glared at him. "Lets just get home before its to late. All four of you found the way to the car and drove back home. You almost fell asleep on the way back.

When you got back, Mike carried you inside and to your room. He laid you down, pulled the blanket up, kissed your forehead and walked out. Scott set your bags of candy in a chest and locked it. He set the key on the nightstand and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Today was fun, and funny. To bad it had to end so soon.

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