Day off

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As you woke up you found yourself in your cat form, laying on Vincent's chest. You felt his hand run down your back making you purr. Mike chuckled as he watched with one eye. Vincent rubbed under your neck as the purring grew louder. You lick his hands and rubbing your face on his fingers.
"(Y/N)? Can you make some toast?" Vincent said as he took the leash off. You stopped and licked his nose before running off.

Mike sat up and followed as you ran down the stairs and to the kitchen. You turned back to yourself, only remembering you only had panties and a bra on. You blushed but grabbed one of the loafs of bread and placed two slices in the toaster. You grabbed the butter and a butter knife. You heard footsteps stop behind you, making you sweat a little. You turned to find Mike leaning on the wall looking at your body.

"Mike! Bad dog!" he looked at you and chuckled. "Sorry." He walked over as you pour some egg mix into a pan. Your tail was moving until it touched skin. You looked to see Mike looking at you. You scrabbled the eggs as one of mike's arms wrapped around your stomach, the other laid on your panties. You where grabbing a bowl until Mike's fingers slide under your panties and where shoved inside you, making you moan. As he thrusted his fingers in  and out you tried your best to ignore it by placing the eggs on the plate, but it didn't work. Mike stopped and held his fingers in as you placed the eggs on the plate putting the pan down.

You where picked up and set on the counter. Mike pulled your panties down thrusting his fingers into you. You moaned resting your head on his shoulder. You cummed making Mike's boner poke out. He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean, then licking all the cum up. You pulled your panties up before Scott walked in only wearing his black boxers. He blushed, making phone rings come from his head as he stared at you.

You blushed and got off the counter as Mike's laughs are heard in the background. You spreader butter on the toasts and placed them on the plate. You picked Vincent plate up and ran back to your room. You stepped in to find Vincent's boxers laying at your door way. You blushed and walked to him. He looked at you as you gave him the plate. "Thank you, dear~" you smiled and sat next to him. "Your welcome." As he nibbled on the corners of his toast you looked outside. You watched the birds fly around. Vincent poked your shoulder and you looked. He held a toast up to you as you eat it out of his hand. "Thank you." "your welcome, so what do you want to do on this day?" you shrugged, not knowing.

Vincent thought as he ate the rest of the eggs. He nibbled on the rest of his toast looking at your ass. Your tail was moving from left to right on the bed. Vincent licked his lips and poked your tail making it go the other way. "Hey (Y/N)~" you looked at him. "Yes master?" He signed and looked away. "C-Can you pleasure me? Mike got more then me because i was sort of jealous on how you like him more....~" his mouth closed as it went silent. Your ears went down as you sat in front of him grabbing his face carefully. You kissed him as he kissed back. He licked your bottom lick, you opened your mouth, inviting him in. He slide his tongue in and explored everywhere.

He pulled away as you crawled off the bed standing on your knees. Vincent pulled the blanket off and sat in front of you on the edge of the bed. He was already naked as you stroked his member. He moaned out as you stroked it faster, making his member harden. After a few strokes, you licked the tip. Vincent moaned. "F-Faster kitty~" you did as told and took the head of his member in your mouth.

You bobbed your head making Vincent moan deeper. Soon, you took the whole thing in, making you gag a little on how big it is. "Come on kitty, almost there~" Vincent placed his hands on the back on your head, pushing you down. You gagged more but continued faster. He moaned out as you started to deep throat him. Vincent pushed your head down, keeping it in place as he cummed. You were forced to swallow it, so you swallowed most but you got some on your mouth.

Vincent removed your head from his member as he licked the cum off your lips. "Thank you (Y/N), Dear~" he set you on his lap and held you, resting his head on top of yours. Scott knocked on the door and walked in. Good thing you where covering Vincent member. You heard a ring tone come from Scott as he cleared his throat. "H-Hey (Y/N), Master. I uh just want to know if you have any uh dirt clothes?" You pointed at a basket with a maid dress and your old clothes. "Those need cleaning, Thank you Scotty!" you smiled as he chuckled and picked the basket up. You found you and Vincent staring at his ass. You blushed a little as Vincent blushed.

Scott walked out as you looked at Vincent and he looked at you. "Know what I'm think about?~" you smiled as he grinned. "You want to fuck him? I mean he's been doing a lot of work around the house. I think its time to reward him.~" you nodded and got up.

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