Meeting the new one

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Once you seen the maid, you started to get ideas. You judged her style of clothing, her hair, her face, her body...but you felt bad about afterwards. You had kept an eye on the new maid and Scott as they walking around, talking. You stayed at a distance but not to far. When they were heading upstairs, you hurried down the hall into a random room. You didn't bother looking around the room because it was took dark. And you had to listen for the two

Once they walked by you peeked out. They were already down the hall, heading to the new maids room, right next to yours. You sneaked out of the room quietly and hurried down the hall. When they entered the room, the door slammed close.

You hurried after them and put your ear against the door. There was thumping and screams. You chucked a little but noticed Jeremy staring at you. "Is something happening...?" He whispered as you nodded, a little confused. He hurried over and placed his ear on the door. It was quiet for awhile until a scream broke it. Then both of you jumped when the door opened quickly.

Scott towered above the both of you, staring. Jeremy started to tremble and whine. You soon caught on and started to cry. Scott sweated a little from the cries and whines. Soon he hugged the both of you. You sniffled and peeked into the room. The new maid was looking at the maid dress. I guess she liked the dress by...a lot. Scott patted yours and Jeremy's head. "Back to work! Oh, and (y/n)'ll finally have some help around here! Why don't you get to know her, she's quite nice..." Scott left you and Jeremy stunned.

Jeremy slammed the door closed before the new maid got a word out. "Damn it..." He mumbled. You were confused so you grabbed his hand and brought him to your own room. "What's wrong?" You questioned. Even though you never got the time to learn about Jeremy, he seems like the one who'd never curse. "I never liked new maids, they get in the way of me and Mikey." he purred a bit from the name. You felt kind bad

"Sorry..." You mumbled out
____________________________ what should the new maid's name be...?

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