Fight for love

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You woke on Richard's chest. You wanted to move but you where afraid that it will wake him up. Plus your bum was sore so you just laid there. That was until there was a knock at the door. You panicked and pulled the blankets up more. Scott walked in and stared as you just laid there. He looked under you to see Richard staring at him with one eye open. This went on until Scott walked out. You went weak and rested on Richard.

"Morning Kitty~" "Morning richie!" you kissed him as he kissed back. You pulled away and the door slammed open. You growled, "Ever Heard Of N-!" you shut your mouth when you seen Vincent standing there. "What Was That?" he questioned as you looked down and your ears went back. He then looked at Richard who was hugging you. "Richard! What Did I Say About Being Around (Y/n)?!" he scoffed and put boxers on. "Nothing!~" you got off him and wrapped yourself in a blanket. Richard walked to Vincent as he watch.

There was silence until you blushed at what you seen. Scott fainted on Mike as Mike pushed him off. You stared as Richard started making out with Vincent. After two minutes, Richard wrapped his arms around Vincent. Scott waked up when Richard squeezed at Vincent bum, making Scott ring and pass out again. This lasted for five minutes until Vincent fell on the floor with a red blush. Mike poked him. "he's out cold." "and I'm guessing Scott too."

~time skip~
you where sitting in a chair next to Vincent's bed. Vincent and Scott where laying in the bed but Richard sat in the middle of the two. You looked up to see Scott groaning and ingesting his phone head. "Scottie!" you hugged him as he hugged back. "What h-happened?" he questioned. "Nothing, you where just to tired, so your body shut down and you passed out." you didn't want to tell him the whole made out thing because he'll just pass out again."ok" he stood up and walked out, leaving you, richard and Vincent....alone. You had a bad feeling about this because you where in a room with two, probably horny, purple men. You sat back down and waited for Vincent to wake up.

Richard signed and laid down next to Vincent. He flipped to where his back was facing you and Vincent. You heard soft snoring so you figured Richard fell asleep. You grabbed nail clippers and sat on the toilet seat. You clipped your nails but not to short. You put the nail clippers away and sat back down next to Vincent's bed.

a hand grabbed your arm, making you let out a muffled scream as another had covered your mouth. You looked to see Vincent holding your arm in his sleep. And seen Mike covering your mouth. You slapped Mike's hand off and hissed at him, making him growl. "Hey!" both of you looked to see Vincent staring at you. "No fighting in this house, if want to fight, take it outside!" you nodded and walked out of the room. Mike followed as Vincent scoffed.

You where walking to your room until Mike grabbed your arm and spin you around, making his lips crash into yours. You bit his lip and kissed back. Vincent walked out and spot your make outing. You blushed a red as Vincent kicked Mike in between the legs. Mike pulled away and fell on the floor. You where picked up but Vincent as he ran to your room. Richard ran after the both of you as he tackled Vincent, making him throw you in the air. You landed in Scott's arms and he ran.

That was until Mike tripped him making him let go of you. Mike caught you and sled down the stair rail. He landed and ran for the kitchen but, ran into the brown haired boy. You where going to hit the floor but the browned hair boy caught your hand. You read the name Jeremy. Vincent grabbed you and swirled the both of you around the room. You became dizzy and almost fainted. Vincent bumped into Richard. Richard threw you over his shoulder and ran upstairs with Mike, Vincent and Jeremy following behind.

Richard jumped over Scott but he grabbed his leg. He let go of you as you flew in the air. "Guys!!!!" you screamed but Vincent caught you and ran in his room, locking the door. "Oh dear. All the men are after you~" you blushed a little. "I don't know why?!" you grabbed your head. "Because you're the beautifulest thing they can lay their hands on but, you're mine~" Vincent grabbed and moved your hands. He kissed you and pinned you to the wall. You kissed back and smiled.
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