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You were sleeping in your bed until you heard your door open. You flipped and stared at the door, it was cracked. You remembered closing it fully. You got up and walked to the door. You opened it and looked out in the hall. All you seen was black out lines of the other doors. You signed and closed the door to where you heard the click from the doorknob. You walked back to your bed and laid down. Darkness soon over covered you to where you start to sleep. After you slept for an hour, it happened again, but the door opened wider.

There was a shuffle and you sat up looking. A shadow dropped to the ground and didn't move. You stared at it for awhile until it jumped and tackled you. You screamed and fell off of your bed with it. It tied your arms behind you and your legs together. You squirmed around as it sat on your lap tying a blindfold over your eyes. You screamed louder and it covered your mouth diving to the floor as your mother came in. "(Y/N)!!!???" your mother turned the light on as a hiss came from, now a man. He tied your mouth and stood up turning to your mother.

~your Mothers P.O.V~

A man stood up on the other side of    (y/n)'s bed. I gasped and stepped back a bit. The man stared at me for awhile and ran at me. I ran downstairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed the biggest knife i could find in the kitchen, which was a butchers knife. The man froze and stared. I pointed the knife at him as his eyes started to go black with white pupils. I tilted my head to the side a little. He lunged at me and i dived the butcher knife at his shoulder, making it get stuck. He grabbed my throat and held me up grabbing another knife. I grabbed ahold of his arm and kicked his face, making me drop to the floor.

A low growl came from him before i ran out. I sledded a little and ran to (y/n)'s room closing and locking the door. I heard a click from under the bed.

~Your P.O.V~
I heard someone enter my room so i rolled under the bed making a clicking sound. The sheets was lifted and my mother pulled me out. The door knob raddled and i heard my mother whine a little and felt a tear drop hit my face. She untied me and hugged my tightly. You hugged back tightly crying a little as a knife went through the door. "(Y/N) you must run when he opens the door, you must run for your life, Please!" You mother cried harder and kissed your forehead. "N-" your mother placed her finger on your lips. "Please *sniff* for your mother" she took her favorite ring off and gave it to you. "Remember us!" She sniffed as you nodded slowly.

A butcher knife chopped a hole and a purple arm unlocked the doorknob. You kissed your mother on the cheek as the door swung open and you dashed out. The man growled and ran after you as your mother ran after him. You ran outside and he tackled you grabbing hold of you as he hitting the grass. Your mother ran out but the man tied you up and ran to his car with you on his shoulder. He ran to the driver seat and got in, locking the doors. He placed you in the backseat and drove off. You squirmed around as he drove at a fast speed. He stopped at a stop light and looked at you. You stopped and listened. You felt a knuckle hit your stomach making you scream a little and past out.

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