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Laying on your bed, you played with your tail. You looked in the drawer to see if there was anything else. There was a leash, another collar, and other stuff you didn't even want to see. You closed the drawer and walked to the window. You opened the curtains and tied them apart. You opened one window and looked outside. There was the parking spots, bush hedges and a garden. It had different kinds of flowers. You smiled at the garden and meowed a little.

~Vincent P.O.V~

Yawning, i stared at the ceiling, making picture out of the different patterns. I heard a meow, so i sat up and looked around. There was nothing but my stuff. I Opened the door and walking down the hall way, stopped at (Y/N)'s door. I opened it slowly and walked in. (Y/N) was looking out the window as her ears where up straight and her tail swaying from side to side. I grinned and quietly and quickly walked over to her.

~(Y/N) P.O.V~

As you where looking out the window, a bird flew by the window making you stare at it. It landed on the roof and looked at you as you stared at it. The bird's eyes shined like rubes. Someone garbed your hips making you scream. "(Y/N)!!!!!" you turned around and scratched Vincent's cheek. He hissed and let go of you walking back as you gasped. "I-I'm So Sorry!!!" you stood up as he moved his hand away. The was four claw marks that ran deep in his cheek. Red liquid oozed out from the cuts as you ran to your bathroom.

You came back with a first Aid and kneeled down in front of him. He looked at you smiling as his tongue licked some of the blood. You blushed a little as you wiped the blood from the cut making Vincent hiss from the pain. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it!" you cleaned the wound as he looked into your eyes. You blushed a little more placed a pach bandaid on the cut. You where going to put the first Aid back but you where turned and pulled back and lips smashed onto yours. Your eyes widen and kissed back. Vincent pushed the first Aid kit away as his hands laid on your hips.

You pulled away and blushed even more. "You should be punished for scratching your master." he tilted your head up as you whimpered a little. "No please, I'm sorry. I promise i wont do it ever again." he shook his head. "its to late." He placed his hands on your hips picking you up as he stood up. You grabbed ahold of his head. He flopped down on the bed as you fell next to him. He got up and pinned you down. You looked at him as he smashed his lips onto your.

You grabbed a hold of his arms as he kissed you deeper. You kissed back making Vincent's tongue lick your bottom lip. You kept your mouth closed only making Vincent chuckle. "Hard little cat, are you?~" he purred a little as he bit into your neck, drawing blood, making you gasp. "Vinc-" Vincent connected lips with yours and shoved his tongue in your mouth, exploring every inch of it. He pulled away and sat in between your leg. He pulled your maid outfit off and found your bra. You blushed, "take it off." Vincent said as he helped you up. You unclipped your bra, taking it off as Vincent pushed you back down on the bed.

He bent down and licked the right one as he moved the other in circles. You moan as he takes your nibble in his mouth, sucking. He moved to the other one but bit it making you scream but Vincent covered your mouth. Only muffles came from you. Tears ran down your cheeks as He looked down to find soak panties. He only grinned and opened the drawer. You looked as your eyes wide. Vincent pulled a vibrader out. You rolled off the bed and ran to the door.

The door opened as you ran into Mike. "Mike, grab her!" Vincent ordered as Mike held you tightly in his arms. You squirmed. "M-Mike! Let Me Go!!!" he walked to Vincent closing the door behind him. Mike laid you on the bed as Vincent tied you down. 'Shit! There two men now. It was already worse with one!' you thought to yourself as Vincent pulled his skirt off. "You can help me if you want." Vincent said looking over at Mike who was staring at the wall. "uhhhhhhh.....wha-" "You can help me if you want." Vincent repeated. Mike looked at you as you looked at him. He nodded his head. "Yes Sir. Just tell me what to do." Vincent smirked and ripped your wet panties off. He rubbed the vibrader at your entrance to get a moan out of you. He then shoved it all the way in making you scream a little and grip your hands tight.

Vincent sat on your waist snapping his fingers behind him. Mike crawled on the bed and sat between your legs. You looked at Vincent as he leaned down in your face. He nibbled on your bottom lip and kissed you. Mike wined a little and grabbed the leash from your drawer and placed it in his pocket. You felt a little push on the vibrader as you looked to see Mike messing with it. You muffled as Mike pulled it in and out. Vincent looked at you as you moaned through the kiss. Vincent pulled away and kissed around your neck, soon finding your sweet spot. He bit it making you moan a little louder. He bit harder, drawing blood. Mike turned the vibrader on and put it as the medium speed making you moan louder.

Vincent pulled away flipping you on your side as He laid behind you. Mike stopped the vibrader and took it out. He laid in front of you. Both males unbuckled their pants, pulling them off and setting them on the floor. Vincent pulled his boxers down and placed his fingers near your mouth. You licked them wet and Vincent sticked one in at a time inside from behind. You moaned each time a finger was placed in.

He pulled them out and slide his member in making you moan. Mike did the same but in the front. Mike lifted your leg and rest it on his side. You wined a bit from the pain, trying not to scream. The both of them thrusted in and out of you as you wrapped your arms around Mike's neck. You moaned loudly as they went faster

The knot in your stomach tighten as they went faster. You gripped onto Mike almost at your climate. After a few minutes, both men release without warning as you cummed on Mike's member, moaning loudly. Vincent exits you and sat on the floor watching as Mike cut the rope and you hugged him. He hugged back and kissed your cheek. He smiled and put the leash on your collar. Mike took his shirt off as You blushes a little and watched him. Mike threw his shirt at Vincent, not even caring as it hung on his face. You laid down.

Mike licks your entrance As You moaned, turning your head to the side. Mike took the shirt off Vincent to show bright pink blush on Vincent's face. Mike chuckled and grabbed the leash, pulling you over onto his lap. You looked down at Mike's member. It still had cum on it so you licked it up, making Mike moan. His member started to harden and throbbed with need as you licked it.

Mike couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed the back of your head and shoved it down. His member sliding into your throat, making you gag. He lifted your head up and back down, moving it fast. You where deep throating him fast and gaging.

Mike soon held your head down as he cummed in your throat. You swallowed all of it and sat up as Mike panted lightly. He looked over to find a sleeping Vincent on the floor. You got off the bed and took the sheet off putting a new one on. Mike put boxers on as you put clean (f/c) panties and (f/c) lace bra on. Mike picked Vincent up and laid him in the middle. You pulled boxers on him and laid on the right as Mike laid on the left. You cuddled with Vincent as Mike already fell asleep. Vincent was warm so it was easy for you to sleep. After sleep for awhile, Vincent wrapped his arms around you making you blush a little but continued to sleep.

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