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~Vincent P.O.V~

me and (Y/N) walked to my room. "hide under the bed until i tell you, you can come up." I ordered as (Y/N) did. I laid on my bed in my boxers. "Scottie!!!~" i waited until i heard footstep stop at my door. I looked over to see Scott. His tail was swaying. He was also a German shepherd, his ears where up. His collar was red with little phone heads on it, the tag was also a phone head. I patted my chest. "Come lay down." he walked over and crawled on top of me. He laid on my chest and rested his phone head on my shoulder.

"So i was think of giving you a reward. You been working around the house for along time.~" He looked at me as i kissed his dial making him blush. I held him close as i ran my hand down his body. I sled my hand under his boxer grabbing his member. A gasp came out of him as he laid on my chest, stiffen.

~Your P.O.V~
"Come on up, kitty." Vincent said as you crawled up. The bell on your collar chimed as you crawled over Scott laying on him. You heard Scott ring
as he petted your head, making you purr. Scott panted lightly as Vincent stroked his member. You pulled Scotts boxers off blushing.

He had a huge boner, almost the same size as Vincent, but a little smaller. Vincent pumped his member making Scott ring, moan and pant. "V-Vincent....I'm Cumming soon~" Scott panted as Vincent stopped and pulled his hand away. You pulled your underwear down as Vincent laid on his back with Scott on his chest, holding him down. You placed his member at your entrance. 'Why am i doing this to myself!?' you questioned yourself as you slide onto Scott. A tear ran down your cheek making Scott wipe it away.

Vincent pulled his boxers down and shoved him member into Scott. He yelled out sitting up holding you tightly and close. "Vincent, be careful!" you looked at him to get a glare. "Your going to regret saying that!" Vincent growled out as Scott twitch slightly but you hugged him. He hugged back. "You can move...~" Scott whispered as he laid back down.

You grabbed his hips and bounced up and down as Scott moaned. Your tail wrapped with his as you continued pleasuring him. Vincent joined in as he thrusted slowly in Scott making him moan louder. Both of you went faster making Scott's phone head ring loudly. You held yourself up as you went as fast as you can, almost at your climate. Vincent went faster, making the sound of skin slapping against skin. You moaned cumming on scott. Scott moaned with you, pulling you out and Cumming on your chest and bra. It was a huge load, knowing it was his first time. The semen ran down your chest as you held Scott closely.

Vincent cummed right after you as Scott panted heavy. Vincent exit from him as you crawled off, turning to your cat form. Scott lays next to Vincent as you curled up in his chest purring lightly. "Did you like your reward?~" Vincent said as he wrap his arms around Scott. "Yes, Thank you." is all Scott said. All three of you fell asleep, knowing it was midnight.

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