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You woke up between Richard and Vincent. You sat up to only get pulled back down by Richard. You growled and crawled off the bed. You crawled for the door but one grabbed your tail. There was movement and Vincent kneeled down in front of you. You looked at him as he smirked. His messy, bed purple hair every where. You giggled at the sight and Richard chuckled. Vincent huffed and fixed his hair. When he was finished he picked you up. Your arms hung over his as you took your cat form. You meowed at Richard as he got up. He took you from Vincent's arms and petted you.

You purred at his touch and licked his finger. He rubbed under your chin making you purr louder. He chuckled and walked out as Vincent followed. You meowed again and crawled onto his head. That was until their path was blocked. There stood Jeremy, his cat tail swaying at the sight. Richard looked down at him as he looked at him. "What can i help you with?" Richard spoke, his voice tired. Jeremy opened his arms as you jumped in them. He smiled and held you close. "I-I wanted t-to talk with H-Her. Can I-I?" The boy stuttered.

Richard looked at Vincent as he nodded. "You may." Both purple men walked by as Jeremy ran to your room. You holding onto him as he walked in your room. You heard a snore when Jeremy closed the door. He walked over and plopped you on Scott. He groaned and sat up. He looked at you as you sat there looked up at him. "You got her?" Scott asked as he looked at Jeremy, he nodded. Scott hummed a 'hmm' and rubbed your chin. You purred and licked his finger. Mike sat up next to Scott and looked. "What the-" Jeremy shushed him as you purred. You rubbed yourself on Scott's chest, making him blush. Mike picked you up as you looked at him. He ran his hand from your head to the end of your tail. You purring louder as you laid on him. A chuckle came from the men.

"We've missed you." you looked at Scott and made your ears go back. He tilted his phone head forward and yawned. Mike held you in his arms like a baby. He poked your nose as you held his hand. "Boop!" you meowed and licked his finger.

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