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There was a knock at your door and it opened. "(Y/N)?" the person walked over and shook you. He said your name again as you yawned and slowly opened your eyes. You looked over to see Scott. "Hm?.." you mumbled. "you have to get up and see Vincent." you stared at him for awhile until your memories came back. "Ok" you yawned again as Scott walked out closing the door behind him. You got up and got dressed in one of the maid outfits. The only good thing about it, that its (f/c). 

You fixed and brushed your hair. After, you walked out and to Vincent's room. You knocked on the door but there was no answer. You opened the door a little and walked in. You walked to the bed to find him still sleeping. "Lucky" you whispered as you went to the side of the bed and poked him. He twitched and flipped. You grinned and flipped him off the bed. You knew it was a bad idea when you heard a loud thump. There was a groan and Vincent stood up rubbing his head. He turned to you with a confused face on. "What happened?" He question. "Um you fell off the bed when i was trying to wake you up."

He glared at you but nodded and walked over to you. "can you hand me my shirt?" you looked around but found nothing. You looked under the bed to find nothing. You looked at him. "I cant find it." you said as he grinned. "Oh....hm. Find me a shirt." you growled and went to his closet opening it. You pulled a shirt off the hanger and gave it to him. You watched as he got dressed.

You looked at his chest to notice a 6 pack. He looked at you and snapped his fingers as you looked up at him. "I will need you to do something around the house." you signed and looked to the side with your ears down. Vincent looked at you and sat on his bed. "Im going to be gone the whole day because of work. Which means you will be helping the others clean the house. The good thing is that i'll be home tomorrow for the whole day and you guys get the day off." Vincent explained as he pat the bed. "The things you will be doing, is cleaning the rooms and kitchen. The rooms you don't have to clean is the basement, closets and the living room. Those will be the mens work. He stood up and walked behind you as you just stood still and stiff.

He smirked and looked at your tail as it swayed from side to side. "Hey (Y/N)." you turned your head and looked at him. "Ever wondered where you got your Neko tail and ears?" he grinned and you nodded. "Well, i gave you a drug and you grew them. it's simple" he signed and looked at the time. "got to go to work and i'll see you when i get back." You tilted your head as he walked out.

"see me? About what?" you sounded a little happy and confused but you shook your head and watched as Vincent hopped in his purple car and drove off. "(Y/N)?!" you jumped and hugged the curtains. You heard a chuckle as you looked and seen Scott standing there with the male with scars on his head From yesterday. "Stop Doing That!!!" Scott nodded. "ok, I'm sorry." you let go of the curtains to find holes in them from your claws. "......Shit..." Scott walked over and looked. "Oh my" he covered his mouth and ran out. "Hey!!! It was your fault that you scared me!!!" You could only hear the laughter from Scott down the hall. You looked at the other male as he stared at you. "What Are You Looking At?!" You yelled at him as his 'dog' tail stopped swaying. "Nothing, just a wall." He spoke in an anger and deep tone. You squinted at his dog tag as you read 'Mike'. He was wearing the same tuxedo as Scott but with a black leathered collar with spikes and a bone keychain. He had German shepherd ears out of his head and a Germans shepherd tail. He glared at you before walking out.

You snorted at him and pulled the blanket off Vincent bed. You fixed the bed sheet and placed the blanket back on nicely. You fluffed the pillows and walked to the corner of the room where clothes lied. You picked a shirt up and looked at it. It had a wine split on it. You picked the rest of the clothes up and walked down stairs. You looked around and finally found the laundry room.

You placed the clothes in and ran back upstairs.

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