Richard pt2

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Richard walked in and closed the door. You heard a click and he walked to you. You backed away to only hit a wall. A smirked glued on Richard's face as he placed his hands on both sides of your head. He leaned in and kissed you deeply. You kissed back making it a passionate and heated kiss. He licked your bottom lip as you kept your mouth closed. "Heh, hard to get? I like it~" he picked you up and pinned you to the bed. He tied your hands to the head board. "Tell me when your ready, Dear~" he sat on your waist, facing away. Richard was messing with something but you couldn't see what. "R-Richard!!!" he turned to you and glared. He growled low and turned his body to face you. "Yes kitty?~" "don-" he connected lips with you and shoved his tongue in your mouth.

Both played with each others tongue and richard smirked. Soon he pulled away and kissed your shoulder. He kissed up to your sweet spot and sucked on it. You moaned and turned your head to the side. You peeked down to see a bulge in Richard's boxers. You blushed and squirmed a bit as he left a love bite on your sweet spot. He looked at you as you stared at his boxers. He followed your eyes and looked at the bulge. "Oh my, how embarrassing~" he chuckled and took his boxers off. Your eyes wide as he sat on your waist. His member laid on your stomach making you blush red and look away. Richard smirked and turned your head to face him.

He clipped a leash on your collar and cut your hands free. Richard grabbed the back of your head and shoved his member down your throat making you gag and grab his hips. You struggled to swallow salvia that was in your mouth. "Suck kitty~" richard chuckled as he moved your head back and forth. You ignore the salvia and sucked on his member. A groan escaped his mouth as you bobbed your head, sucking hard. "Come on kitty, harder!~ " He moaned louder as you deep throat him. "harder!~" you sucked harder and deep throated him faster, he moaned loudly as he cummed. You got some on his member but managed to swallow half of it.

He pulled you off as you coughed up some cum on his legs. He looked at you as you met his eyes. "That Wasn't Nice!~" you whimpered and looked down. Richard flipped you as you landed on your hands and kneels. Richard pulled your panties down and thrusted his member in your entrance. You where going to scream but Richard placed a gag ball in your mouth. A muffled scream escaped as he thrusted. Since he was bigger then PG, he stretched your walls. He grabbed your hips as he slammed in and out of you. "This is what you get for coughing up MY cum that i gave you!!!~" he slammed faster as you gripped a pillow making muffled groans, screams and moans escape your mouth.

He slammed in you at an inhuman speed. Richard only laughed evilly as he thrusted in deeply, cumming. You let a loud and long groan. Richard pulled out of you as he laid down. He pulled you onto his chest as you panted. You rubbed his chest a little as a soft moan escaped his mouth. You rub up his chest as a moan escaped his mouth. "Ahhhh! You naughty kitty!!!~" you only rubbed up and down his cheat making him pant lightly. You took the gag ball off and kissed him. He kissed back, flipping so he's on top. He pulled away and sat down, pulling you over but the leash. He pulled you making you lad on his member. A groan escaped his mouth.

He laid down, keeping you on his member. "Move and i'll give you something to drink after words~" you had no choice. He grabbed your hips as you grind on his member. He moaned and panted. You moved faster only making him moan louder. "Ahhhh! You so good as this!!!~" he cooed as you moaned a little panting. Your tail rubbed at the shaft as Richard Groaned. He chummed as you stopped and looked. "Lick it ALL up~" you sat in between him legs and started licking the cum up. It had a bitter tasted but you did it anyways.

When you finished you wiped your mouth and laid on Richard. His member poking at you stomach as you purred on his chest. "Kitty, Your purring on my sweet spot. You maybe shouldn't~" you looked at him and licked his nose. "Its ok." your tail rests as Richard's legs went down. You dozed off as Richard pet you. You purred in your sleep. "Night Kitty~" he cooed and kissed your cheek.

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