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Jeremy thought for a bit before accepting your apology. "I didn't know you and Mike were in love. I'm sorry that I got in the way..." You looked down ashamed. He hurried to embrace you in a tight hug, stopping your tears from falling. You hugged him backs. "It's ok, Vincent doesn't know either but it's best if it stays that way. It's a rule if you're a maid, that you can't marry or have an relationship with another maid." He sighed. "So you're secretly dating...?" He answered with a nod. There was a knock at the door, making the both of you look at the door. "Not now! I'm busy"

"Do you mean, we're? I was going to ask if there's anything I can clean up!" The new voice was muffled from behind the door. "Who are you?" You called out. "Manglie! I'm the new maid..." You sighed, grabbing the storage key "You can start on the bathrooms! The storage closet is downstairs next to stairs." You slide the key under the door. "Don't lose the key please, it's the only one" There was a thank you and footsteps. You let out relieved sigh as you and Jeremy continued your conversation.

~Time skip~

You were waiting for Vincent to come home. Scott had prepared him dinner, he was setting the table up at the moment. You heard the car pull up so you walked out. You helped Vincent out of the car. "(Y/n), I never met you outside. Scott brings me inside" He handed his coat to you as you fold it a little. "Well, he setting up the table for you, so I decided to help you today." The both of you headed inside, you hung Vincent's coat on the coat rack. "Smells delicious." he chuckled as he headed to the dining room.

You poured him a glass of wine and set the wine aside. "Can I ask you question, If I may?" You looked around the room. "Is it about Manglie?" He read your mind just from the look of your face. You gave him a nod. "What's wrong with her?" He put his silverware down as you took a seat next to him.

"We don't need anymore help around the mansion, the staff is at a good number. We don't need another." You trailed off as you seen the concern in Vincent's eyes. He let out a sigh, "Well, I wanted to hire her because I thought you needed some help. Just in case you get sick, she can take your place in cleaning." You stayed quiet as he finished his dinner.

He was right, you can't just leave the rest of the maids up to your cleaning. Vincent got up and left the room for you to clean up. But you stood there for a bit, thinking. Soon enough you did you job, and cleaned up after Vincent, Scott washed the dishes, telling you to get ready for bed. You thanked him before heading upstairs.

____________________________Short chapter, sorry but I got bored at the end of it.

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