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~Vincent P.O.V~

i woke up to purring sound. I looked over Scott's shoulder to find him petting (Y/N). I smiled watching as
(Y/N) got up and rubbed against Scott's chest.

~Scott P.O.V~

The cat got up and rubbed my chest making me blush a little. I continued petting her as her purring grew when i scratched her chin. I laid down as my face met Vincent's. I blushed and looked away. The cat climbed onto me and laid down on my chest. The weird thing was, that the cat started licking my nipple. I moan softly, like a whisper. "Stop P-Please." the cat stopped and laid her head down.

I signed pulling the blankets up more. There was a poke at my member as i blushed more. Vincent chuckled a bit. "Didn't sleep with boxers, uh?~" the blanket where ripped off as there was cum laying on my side. "V-Vincent!" He grabbed my member making me whine lightly.

"Its master Vincent to you!~" he cooed. He rubbed the tip making me rest my head on the pillow moaning. The cat walked on my phone head laying on my phone as it rang. i felt something wet run down my member as i moaned "V-Vinny!~" he chuckled and took it in his mouth making me gasp. He sucked hard making me moan louder.

My phone almost fell off my head but only rang loudly. I gripped the bed sheets as Vincent deep throated me. I panted for air. "Vincent I'm c-cumming!!!~" he held his head still as i cummed in his throat. I panted for five minutes. It felt so good, he hasn't done that in awhile. The pleasure was great. He swallowed all of it and kissed the tip before laying back down next to me.

I looked up seeing the cat sleeping. I picked it up and laid it on my chest. She yawned and snuggled into my chest. Vincent watched the whole time. I rubbed her chin making a purr out of her. "Heh." the cat meow and licked my dial. It tickled a little, making me laugh a little.

Vincent got up and left as i watched. The cat hopped off me and laid next to me. "Lazy day" i said looking at the cat who was staring at me. It nodded in agreement and meowed.

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