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Depressing thoughts in this chapter guys(depressssssssing thoughts! Sorry had to make the reference)

Indigo walked back to Toriel's  alone, feeling like a bit of a failure. 'I don't belong anywhere...not at home, not here. Everyone is so nice...I'm useless. Why did I survive that fall?! I-i didn't want to! I-'

Indigo's thoughts were cut when she tripped and fell on her face. "Ow..." she murmured, looking behind her to see what she tripped on. She saw...a green vine? That was slithering up her leg?! "AHHH! DEMON VINES!"

"Hee hee hee heee! I prefer the term, flower, but vine is good too!" a shrill, too happy laugh pierced Indigo's ears, making her cringe. She looked up, and saw a golden flower, with an evil smile.

'Oh no'

"Howdy! I'm flowey! I saw you fell down here, but those brats got to you first. Too bad they can't help you now! Ha ha ha!" Everything went black and white, except for the dark blue heart in front on Indigo. "Scared? You should be! DIEEEEEEE!"

Just when she was about to embrace death (again), the demonic flower was thrown to the side with the sound of a metallic clank.

"OH MY FLUFFING GOODNESS!!! Are you all right Indigo?!" Bailey questioned panicky(which is apparently a word), helping her friend up.

"Y-yeah, thanks for saving me again...I thought I was a goner..."(IM A GONER! SOMEBODY CATCH MY BREATH! So many references!)  'ok how the heck is this child carrying around a frying pan? Those things are fricking heavy!'

"No problem! You're my new sister!" Bailey exclaimed happily, but then noticed the look of confusion on Indigo's face, "I-I mean! I-Only if you're okay with that..."

"NO! I mean, that's awesome! I'd love to consider you my sister. I had a sister on the surface as well...OH GOSH!" Realization came to her as she remembered what she had forgotten...her sister "What was I thinking! I left Clare with them! FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF! What have I done?!" Indigo was panicking now.

"Indigo-" Bailey tried.

"There's no one to take care of her now! Oh glob!"


"They don't care about us! They probably had their own little party once I left! Clare! I'm so sorry! I should have brought you with me and-"

"INDIGO! Calm down. Please explain to me what's wrong." Baliey interrupted her friend's rambling.

"Um, can we talk about it at Tori-MOM's! house? I-"

"Yeah, sure. That might be better anyways." They began walking back to the small house in the Ruins, in an awkward silence. When they finally arrived to their bedroom, Bailey closed the door and crossed her arms.

"All right what's up?" She asked, worriedly. She cared about Indigo a lot, and she needed to know she was all right.

"I-I didn't have a good life on the surface. My parents didn't mean to have kids, but then I came along." Indigo sighed before continuing,"they abused me, badly. And then the made another 'mistake' and then my sister Clare came along. I had to take care of her and feed her. Then, when she was about four, they started hitting her as well. I protected her as much as I could...but I failed. I climbed the mountain to escape every thing. Now she's all alone, a little 8 year old."

"Oh Indigo....I'm so sorry! But you'll see your sister again. I promise." Bailey replied, pulling her almost-sister into a hug.

"Thanks Bailey, but...don't make promises ya can't keep." Bailey starred at her, not really knowing what to say next.

YOOOOOOOO what up readers (are there any?) I'm so so so so soooooo sorry I haven't been updating! Ima mess. I don't have a proper excuse, but fluff nuggets, life has been hard lately XD. I've come out as pansexual to my friends, and been in this strange love triangle of a world. And then ya know, anxiety and depression, but whatever. I've also become OBSESSED with yeaaahhh.... anyway! That's all for now! Byeeeeeeee!

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