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Grouptale Second Version - Undertale AU Fanfiction by aquanell
Grouptale Second Version - Aquanell
Same disclaimer/rules as my first version of Grouptale. All the names are the same, as are the rules about what happened to Toriel and Asgore, as well as Chara and Asri...
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Grouptale AU - Undertale Fanfiction by aquanell
Grouptale AU - Undertale Fanfictionby Aquanell
This is an AU where all 7 human souls fall down to the Underground at the same time. DISCLAIMER: Several things I have decided on for this fanfiction. Toriel and Asgor...
  • chara
  • frisk
  • humansouls
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Grouptale [Undertale AU] by FridayHater
Grouptale [Undertale AU]by FridayHater
What if the six fallen humans who died before Frisk never died and instead joined Frisk on their journey through the Underground? It all seems good... aside from Frisk...
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  • undertale
  • friendship
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All In This Together (GroupTale) by TheNinjaofSun
All In This Together (GroupTale)by Soul-Of-Perseverance
Frisk resets, but the new timeline is something she never would've expected. The human SOULS are alive and with her this time. Join Frisk and the others as they go on a...
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GROUPTALE: Seven SOULs by TilliSilli
GROUPTALE: Seven SOULsby TilliSilli
When seven humans (+ one dead kid) fall at once, what could go wrong? Undertale, Frisk, Chara, and the six human SOULs belong to Toby Fox. Grouptale was made by Pavizi. ...
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Titled Seven Humans on AO3 Frisk finds a human child in the Ruins, and then another in Snowdin, two in Waterfall, and two more in Hotland. Maybe this time, they stand a...
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  • chara
  • frisk
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Grouptale(discontinued) by Rip-Daveys-Hand
Grouptale(discontinued)by 🌲ᴅᴀᴅᴠɪᴅ🌲
Hellu! I like so many things about the souls That I've decided to make a book. I'm spelling Hellu wrong Aren't I?
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Grouptale by AliceaFox
Grouptaleby Skit Kat
Frisk just wanted to redeem herself.She never wanted-erm-passengers... After doing a Geoncide run,Frisk resets and soon finds out that the six human souls from before,um...
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Grouptale by _MadDummy_
Grouptaleby Swarmalert
An Undertale Au If you like it so far please leave feedback
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Grouptale FANFIC by EinAndKaiYaoiGirl
Grouptale FANFICby Dante 🌈
A grouptale fanfic. This is not my au, I don't own the cover art
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Grouptale Multi Fusion by Qwertycookie
Grouptale Multi Fusionby Qwertycookie
What if frisk never fell down Alone? This AU is based on multiple fandoms below: Monster Prom Clopl rune story Danganronpa Fortnite Ace attorney A Hat in Time Life is St...
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Grouptale, The Story Of Seven by UndertaleAndSUFan
Grouptale, The Story Of Sevenby UndertaleAndSUFan
Seven. Seven human souls and king Asgore will become a god. They have zero so far, but seven humans just fell in, so that just might change. My first story don't judge t...
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Undertale Au: GrouoTale Fanfiction by HyperDragonion
Undertale Au: GrouoTale Fanfictionby HyperDragonZ
First, there was the dream, then there was the shaking....and after the flash of various coloful light' they were there. (Takes Place After True Pacifist Ending)
  • grouptale
  • malefrisk
  • femalechara
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Groupfell by alexisvensteel
Groupfellby Tamerqueen
This my Undertale Au fusion story. I need ocs and characters to help me make it are own story.... And if your a fan of Underfell and you wanted to be in it you can... So...
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UNDERTALE [AUs] Role Play by TheMagicalSin
UNDERTALE [AUs] Role Playby Asshole
UNDERTALE created by: Toby Fox Once There was a realm filled with UnderTale alternate universes. Each once had no idea about each o...
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grouptale rp by animenightmaressans
grouptale rpby anime nightmares sans
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Ask Grouptale Crew! (From the Grouptale Fanfic) by TainaRoman0
Ask Grouptale Crew! (From the Neko RainCakePieDash
Read the description from the Grouptale fanfic then you'll know what this is.
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quantumtale : meets familytale  by Viperjunior7
quantumtale : meets familytale by Viperjunior7
What happens if tk falls into undertale but it's not the undertale he thinks it is
  • souls
  • chara
  • undertale
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The Fallen and the lost by PheonixPhire6090
The Fallen and the lostby PheonixPhire6090
The story of how the fallen souls of the underground survived. Kindness, bravery, integrity, justice, patience, perseverance, and DETERMINATION! Bailey- Kindness Thomas...
  • souls
  • family
  • kindness
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