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Ok god fudging dang it. It's been more then a month I KNOW! I'm a horrible person. And I can't say "I haven't had time" because that's a lie and my datefriend will scream at me for it XD. They've been helping me write this. But yeah I have no excuse. Anyway

Two years later

The three were singing songs from their favorite musical from when they had been on the surface, Hamilton an American Musical, in Bailey and Thomas's new bedroom. After Bailey(very enthusiastically) sang the intro, Thomas started them off with "HOW DOES A BASTA-" only to have a pillow thrown at him by Clare, knocking him over from surprise.

"DIRTY WORDS! SHNERK SHNARK!" Clare shouted. Toriel had been walking past the room and kind of gave Thomas the look.

"Heh heh, sorry Mom, won't do it again!" Toriel just chuckled(glob I hate that word...)and just left to the living room. She seemed to be the only thing Thomas could be afraid of, but not the "AHHHHHH" way, more of "I don't want to make her mad because I love her" way. Clare smirked at Thomas and thought of ways to annoy him some more.

"Hey Thomas..."



"NO STOP!" Thomas yelled back, throwing the pillow back at her. It accidentally hit Indigo though.

"Ooooooh you're in for it." Indigo taunted as Bailey laughed her head off. Indigo threw the pillow at Thomas, who threw it at Bailey. Bailey then got two other pillows (from god knows where) and threw each of them at the other three there. This began a full fledged pillow war. The four then heard a scream.

"Thomas what the heck. Was that you?" Bailey asked, raising an eyebrow at her brother.

"No. What the hell?" He ran out the door before Clare could scold him. Indigo ran after him, followed by Bailey, and then Clare. The four ran through the ruins, scared for whoever was hurt, scared, shocked, or all of the above. They ran past Frogit, whimsum, moldsmals, and Loox (Bailey accidentally stepped on a vegitoid, oops.). They couldn't find anyone, but they kept searching. They eventually got to the entrance of the underground. There they saw a scary scene.

"Aw shit. Not you...4? There's 4 of you know? Excellent!" The tiny golden flower cackled, and Thomas looked upwards. There he saw an extremely horrifying sight. Flowey had two children tangled in his vines, hoisted high above the ground. One of them, dressed in a blue t-shirt and jeans. He had dark skin, and was looked about Bailey's hight. The other, probably his brother, looked exactly like him, just shorter, wore jeans and a dark green long-sleeved shirt. And they were both screaming.

Clare ran up to the huge vines that sprouted from the ground and took out a plastic knife and shrugged. She took the fake knife and started started slashing at the vine. Flowey let out a shriek and launched a vine at Clare, who flinched, expecting death, but that did not come. Instead there was just a loud bang, and then laughter.

"I knew carrying around a frying pan all the time was a good idea." Bailey smiled, and then started deflecting the vines launching themselves at the 4 children. It was tiring but she managed. So basically we have Clare slashing vines, Bailey deflecting vines, Indigo is stomping on vines that are trying to grow, and Thomas is punching...whatever he can punch, 'cuz that's how he rolls.

"Ow! Ow! Jesus Christ you guys are vicious. Whatever. Y'all aren't enough anyway. But just you wait-"


"What? No! Idiot. Bye assholes." Flowey then disappeared under the rocks, along with his vines, who dropped the two boys before Clare had the chance to yell at him. As the two fell, Bailey and Thomas freaked, out and ran to catch them. Tired from screaming, the two fainted.

So this is what they look like if the description wasn't enough

 So this is what they look like if the description wasn't enough

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Anyway...yeah. Byeeee

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