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Perseverance by Drithi12
Perseveranceby Drithi Pasupuleti
The story of the purple soul's journey through the Underground!
  • mysoulispurple
  • underground
  • whydididothis
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Relentless-BoyxBoy ✔ by BriBillau
Relentless-BoyxBoy ✔by Brianna
Ace Reynolds is a former army officer, brought down by his sexuality multiple times, he is conflicted when it comes to love and acceptance. He's looking for the one thin...
  • teen
  • lgbtfiction
  • gay
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Perseverance by RewindsFanfiction
Perseveranceby RewindsFanfictions&Stories
In this Fan Fiction Izuku Midoriya (Deku) , from My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia, was born without a quirk like in the original but unlike the actual story Izuku...
  • izuku
  • myheroacademia
  • perseverance
Meeting Mr. Whitaker by JacqTheWriter
Meeting Mr. Whitakerby Jacqueline
Is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person? According to Hazel Barrett, yes, it absolutely is. Especially if that person happens to be your teacher.
  • perseverance
  • love
  • indecentaffection
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Perquisites of Being a Hausa Girl(On Hold) by aishaa_nana
Perquisites of Being a Hausa Girl( Nana Aishatu Adam
Perhaps the "P" and "F" accent is the key to our recognition. Perhaps they believe we must not be over ambitious. Perhaps they look down on us becaus...
  • love
  • family
  • ambitious
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The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Lacey Anne Ferry grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana where riding horses was an everyday part of her life. She loved the horses, cattle, and the hard work that came wit...
  • wattys2018
  • paralyzed
  • rodeo
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My Name Is... {OriginTale} by Elil_Waz_Here
My Name Is... {OriginTale}by Eric Fur
This is a book that will hopefully end up being filled with short introduction 'stories' for each character. These will start with the 10 humans and lead on in chronolog...
  • undertale
  • bravery
  • integrity
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Making It (Curvy) by FashionDivaMimi
Making It (Curvy)by Misha
This story is about a girl names Kya. She is 18 years old, fresh out of high school, from Mississippi with dreams to make it into the music business. Will she succeed? H...
  • self-esteem
  • urban
  • urbandrama
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I'm Here.  [Tom Holland] by TheLoversSaga
I'm Here. [Tom Holland]by T.H. ♡
"Y/N, I'm here, i promise." Tom assured her. "Are you?" She said softly, pain ringing in her tone. "Because i feel like im always having to do e...
  • marriage
  • marvel
  • tomholland
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To Not Let Go by Cowgirl1515
To Not Let Goby Cowgirl1515
After six years of being broken up, Swayde and Reagan Renne, "Renne," are finally reconciling their relationship. Since she broke up with her long-time-rebound...
  • perseverance
  • faith
  • swaydeandrenne
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Exiled by Society by indvlge
Exiled by Societyby indvlge
A sad girl and a sadistic boy meet in a youth club. Couched in their indifference they begin to form relations, a toxic one too.
  • lovestory
  • sadistic
  • findinghappiness
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The Prophecy of the Lost by BLUEEEpancakes
The Prophecy of the Lostby Blue
An entry for the contest from @percyscamp. A story about Pjo. What would happen if a certain someone decided to appear? What if someone else, from the past, too? What wo...
  • perseverance
  • gabe
  • guilt
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Persevere  by THEscandalous_Angel
Persevere by THEscandalous_Angel
Growing up in a family where the men ruled was never easy when your 13 and emotional. I was teased and looked down upon. But once I turned 18 everything changed when I g...
  • girlpower
  • meanfamily
  • perseverance
Ink and Magic by najiarizvi
Ink and Magicby najiarizvi
Just some random poetry
  • peace
  • wattys2019
  • fiction
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Ghost :; Will Byers by maze_runner20011
Ghost :; Will Byersby maze_runner20011
Jocelyn Harris is one of Will Byers's best friends. They basically grew up together and a small seed of interest was planted in their hearts and grew over the years. How...
  • mikewheeler
  • love
  • lucassinclair
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Jamdown by Ashlurstine
Jamdownby David Shaw
One young Jamaican man has been running from his problems all his life now he is asked to run for an American Football Team competing in Jamaica. Will he touch down or f...
  • sportfiction
  • literaryfiction
  • uplifting
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Between Then and Now by gracelazzaro
Between Then and Nowby Grace
I could see a storm brewing in his nebulous eyes as he spat, "You couldn't possibly expect me to believe that you had it bad. You couldn't possibly know what it's l...
  • new
  • badboy
  • loss
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mermaids (a poetry series) by mitchholly
mermaids (a poetry series)by mitchholly
are you lost yourself? be lost no longer go find mermaids The inspiration for this came from thinking about my favorite music, and why it was so dear, and how encouragin...
  • perseverance
  • escape
  • light
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True Love Waits by Cowgirl1515
True Love Waitsby Cowgirl1515
Maleena Lackely is just an ordinary girl. She loves Jesus, Cowboys, Trucks, and Horses. If there was anything that she didn't like, it was change. Due to job changes, Ma...
  • spiritual
  • truelovewaits
  • ranch
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Personality(A SOUL Trait Undertale book) by MEJ2235
Personality(A SOUL Trait MEJ2235
Have you ever wondered what each of the seven SOUL traits meant? What do they make you? Which colour are you? This book is my attempt at explaining them and hopefully cl...
  • determination
  • perseverance
  • kindness
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