Out there

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this is dramatic btw

It had been about a week since Frisk had fallen, and the other children had become nervous. Frisk asked about twice a day, how to get out. They were determined. The rest of the siblings kept dismissing it, either changing the subject or just not answer. They all loved the kid, Frisk was adorable, but there's a if you keep asking the same question over and over, a question you don't want to answer, you'll explode. And everyone, even the kids, had a limit.

Frisk walked up to Indigo, and asked the dreaded question. "Heeeeeyy Indigo! Have you ever thought of what other monsters are out there?"

"Frisk, we've told you-"

"I know but I just want to see-"

Indigo then...just...broke. She began to yell, "Frisk! For the love of the stars drop it! Please! My stars, what's wrong with living here! You have everything you need! What else could you possibly-"

"Stop...please just stop." Frisk and Indigo turned around and saw Bailey, close to tears.

"Bailey what's wrong?" Frisk asked, innocently.

"Everything! You don't realize how long I've been here! More than five years. Thomas and I watched everyone else fall, we all went and are going through puberty together, this is were our home is! Now it seems that leaving is on everyone's mind! I-I'm not ready! What if there isn't even a way out? Why are you so desperate on leaving? Leaving Mom!" Bailey cried, tears streaming down her face. Indigo was shocked. She had known Bailey for the longest time, and Bailey never yelled. However, she was even more surprised by Frisk's response.

"Bailey, staying here is just giving up! We don't belong here! We are humans! We are supposed to live human lives! You are 18! You don't want to leave home, but you'd be going off to college in the human world! You'd be leaving anyway!"

Thomas entered the house with Clare, laughing. The laughter however, abruptly stopped when they saw the screaming match. "Whaaats going on?" Thomas asked, crossing his arms.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter." Bailey wiped her tears and went out the door. Clover and Herman then came in the room, hearing the door slam. Herman observed that only Bailey was gone, and was suspicious.

"Where's Bailey?" He asked, his brother looking around.

"Yeah, Indi, Frisk, what happened?" Clare asked, still confused. Indigo sighed and explained, as Frisk looked guilty.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I just wanted answers..." Frisk tried to explain.

"You're okay Frisk, I'll talk to her, don't worry." Thomas smiled. He turned and walked out the door, running off to find his sister. Everyone had realized that even the best of people break.

"Dinner's ready!" Toriel came out of the kitchen, oblivious to what just went down.

Thomas found his sister hugging her knees, sitting by the spider bake sale. He sighed and sat down by her, silently.

"Thomas?" She asked after a few minuets.


"Have you thought about all we're missing? We won't go to college, get married, have kids...our futures are stuck. We're stuck. We're all stuck down here, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Thomas looked at his sister in disbelief. She had never talked this way before, yet she spoke like she always had. "Bailey...I thought you knew all that." He spoke softly.

"Of course I knew!" She sobbed, hugging her knees tighter, "I just....it never mattered before. Now we are adults. We should be working jobs at McDonalds or something, going to college, figuring out the world. We don't get that here!"

"Bailey...we have a good life-"

"No we don't! We have a family, but we aren't living. We are sitting here in this cave doing nothing. Frisk was right...I think we need to figure out how to leave." Bailey stated, wiping her tears.

"Bailey, are you okay? Are you going crazy?" Thomas asked, confounded.

"I'm fine. I need to go back and apologize. You coming?" Bailey stood up, brushing herself off.

"...yeah. I'm coming. But Bailey, we need to talk to the others about this first. Vote ya know? This is a big deal." Thomas clarified. Bailey nodded.

"Yeah, I agree. This is a big deal."

"Ok...let's go then." They walked back to the home in a comfortable silence. The two hadn't had any quality twin-time in awhile, and this was good.

They reached home, and Bailey opened the door softly. Only Toriel was there, sitting in her chair. She smiled at the two, and they smiled back. They said goodnight to each other and went to their rooms.

Bailey expected the girls and Frisk to be asleep, but they weren't, they were all laughing. Bailey slowly walked in, and the room fell to an awkward silence. Bailey took a deep breath, and began to speak.

"Look, Frisk, girls...I'm so so sorry. I thought over it, and I realized how wrong I was. I really over reacted Frisk, and I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me, I'm a horrible sister." Bailey apologized, looking down, expecting rejection.

"Bailey, why are you apologizing? I'm the one who drove you to your breaking point! I should be saying sorry! So, I'm sorry as well." Frisk tried to convince Bailey, who just laughed a bit.

"I guess we're both in the wrong. Hug?" Bailey asked. Sometimes, you just need a hug. Frisk smiled and ran up to hug their older sister. Indigo and Clare just awed at the two.
They all laughed and talked through the night, eventually falling asleep. Before she went to sleep, however, she decided that she'd bring up leaving tomorrow. But now she needed to sleep.

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