Settling in

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I was listening to this while editing this chapter!

The twins walked into the living room, and saw a nice big chair, that seemed perfect size for Toriel. Beside the chair and on the wall, there was two bookshelves, filled with books. The twins looked at them in awe. They loved to read, especially mystical  fantasies, such as Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series. Unfortunately, these books didn't seem to be found on the shelves, but there were many interesting looking books about snails. One book however, caught their eye.

"72 uses for snails? Why would anyone want to do 72 different things to a snail?" Bailey inquired, looking at the cover. Thomas took one look at the book however and thought :

"Cool! Snails are fun, their so slimy and gooey!"

"Eww," Bailey laughed,"How would they taste in a pie?" Bailey wondered aloud, flipping through the pages. Thomas however just stared at her.

"Yeah, I'm the one you say 'Ewww' to." He said with a sigh as he face-palmed. Anything that Bailey could think of, she would somehow relate it to pie. Except zebras and zebracorns. To Bailey, they were sacred creatures, even if zebracorns weren't real. Before their parents had died and they lived in a house, her room had zebras everywhere. Zebra print, zebra plushies, zebra pictures, you name it. Any thing zebra, she had it, except an actual zebra.

"Just curious! Why don't we read through the book!" Bailey suggested, noticing some cool looking things.

"What the heck, why not!" As they flipped through the pages, they noticed a lose page fall out.

"What's this? 'How to make snail pie'! See! It's a thing! I'm not insane!" Bailey exclaimed, reading through the page.

"This world has snail pie. Why! Maybe you're not insane, but the writer of this book sure is." Thomas replied, shaking his head disapprovingly.

"Mom wrote this genius. Mind your manners!" Bailey playfully scolded, fake hitting him with the book on the head. The twins burst out laughing, as they always did. They had little playful arguments like this all the time, but always found themselves laughing it off.

"We're really calling her mom then? Dose that mean we are staying here?" Thomas asked once they calmed down.

"Well yeah! Isn't that what kids call adopted parents? Just mom/dad? Like normal parents? And we have no where else to go, there's food, shelter, love. What else do we need?"

"Vitamin D." Thomas added sarcasticly.

"ORANGE JUICE! It's the answer to everything!" Bailey replied smiling.

"Ok, fine orange juice. Let's just read the book." Thomas replied defeatedly. It's not like he didn't want to stay, he actually thought this place was pretty cool! It's just, living off of orange juice as your only source of vitamin D? Do they even have orange juice?! Eh, they'd figure something out. They always did.

As the twins continued to read, Bailey shifted on her seat on the ground uncomfortably. This didn't go unnoticed by her brother. "What's wrong sis?" He asked calmly, knowing that saying the wrong thing would bring tears, which neither of them wanted.

"Nothing really...just that uncomfortable feeling when you're just sitting while you could be helping the person whose doing something for you but you know that if you ask they'll say 'oh, it's fine!' but they really mean that they'd appreciate the help and you don't know what to do and-"

"Bail, your rambling again. Just ask her!" Thomas replied. His sister loved helping others, but found it difficult to ask.

"I'm to awkward!" She sighed dramatically, laying on the floor rolling back and forth.

"Do you want me to go with you?" He suggested.

"...yes," Bailey replied and stopped rolling.

"Do you want me to ask for you?"


"I'm taking that as a 'yes'. Come one, let's see what we can do." Thomas got up and so did Bailey. Thomas was usually they one to talk in these situations, as Bailey was most of the time to shy. She once went up to the counter of a McDonalds to ask for a straw, but she said it to low and the cashier couldn't hear her. When she tried again, she got to embarrassed and just walked away. Thomas had gone back to get the straw. This sort of thing happened more often than not, but Thomas didn't really mind. He loved his sister so helping her wasn't a problem. Anyway, the two went into the bedroom that saw Toriel walk into, and saw her making two twin sized beds.

"Oh! Hello my children. Do you need anything?" Toriel asked when she noticed the two walk onto the room.

"We were just wondering if we could help." Thomas told her, Bailey smiling kindly next to him. Though she was to shy to say anything, she did like to smile next to her twin.

"Oh, how sweet of you! I'm almost done, but there are some clothes I would like you two to look at. If you like them and they fit, you can keep them!" She told them, handing them some shirts, pants, shoes, and skirts(for Bailey of course). "Oh, and there is also this box I would like you to look at. Inside, there are little extra things you may like. If so, again, you are welcome to keep it.

"Thanks so much mom!" Bailey exclaimed happily. Thomas took the box while Bailey took the clothes and headed back to the living room. "Mom is so nice! She's giving us a home, a room, clothes, everything! She's so awesome." Bailey said as she sat down, neatly setting the clothes on the floor. The floor seemed perfectly clean, so it wouldn't be a problem.

"Let's look through the clothes first, then the box." Thomas added. Niether twin really noticed how dirty there current clothes were until they were offered new ones. They now saw the dirt that covered their clothes. As Bailey looked at the clothes, she noticed a Blue sweater with yellow stripes down the middle, some blue skinny jeans, and brown boots that would go up to her knee.

"Seems like the perfect out fit' she thought and smiled.  Thomas however, saw a purple sweater with a big blue stripe, a green hoodie, boot cut jeans, and some colorful sneakers.

"This is fluffing amazing' Thomas thought, "Great, amazing outfits, now we've just got to look through the box!" As he opened the box, he noticed that there was a lot more room on the inside then it looked like. Inside, there was a red ribbon, cowboy hat, ballet outfit, and a notebook. These looked really cool to the two, but some things caught their eyes. Thomas, saw a boxing glove and cool, manly bandanna. "Oh my gosh these are so cool!" Thomas exclaimed picking up the items. He loved boxing at his old school, so this glove was really neat.

<Bailey on the other hand, fell in love with a pinkish orange cooking apron. She loved cooking(especially pies and muffins), and it was just a plain cute apron! "Omg I wuv it!" Bailey said in her cute babyish voice.

"If life has these, life is good." Thomas said calmly, hugging the bandanna and putting on the glove.

"Is that your new philosophy?" Bailey giggled.



I posted twice today cuz I can't sleep. What did ya think of this chapter? I like it a lot. This is how the two got their "items" I guess you could say. Also, I believe there's a tem skeep to a few weeks later or something next chapter. Annnnnnyyyyy waaaaaaaayyyy, hope ya'll have a nice Friday tomorrow! Byeee

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