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Alright here's the thing. I'm done. I can't find any inspiration or time to work on this. I know some people really like this story, and I had such high hopes for it. But the story might have to live on in my imagination. I know I'm being vague and you'll all hate me, but I just can't continue this. Because I feel like a piece of shit now because of this, I'll tell you what I had planned out. If you don't want to know, good bye my friends =)

Alright wanna know what happens? Cool. Watch out for some heavy stuff.

Basically what I was working on was Clare's death. She was going to sacrifice her self in the dogamy/ dogeressa fight to save Indigo. Indigo would then go though a spiral of depression quickly, and Thomas would be there to help her. The group checks in at the inn to recollect their thoughts, and when everyone goes to sleep, Indigo finds a blade from the shop and slits her wrists, however not fatally. She then cries her self to sleep, mourning her sister. In the morning, Thomas finds what looks like to be sharpie marks on his arm in the same place Indigo cut herself. Basically there's a legend of soulmate getting marks on their body where the other was hurt. They find out they're soulmates which works out because they were seriously crushing on each other. They deny everything tho. Then papyrus let's them pass because he's sad about Clare. In water fall they meet my OC batania who is a purple fairy with black and teal hair. She helps them navigate waterfall and stuff and she's really nice. When undyne is throwing spears and stuff, Clover looses his foot and it's really creepy so now he's having trouble running. You can probably see where I'm going with this. He he gets killed in the undyne fight when feeling from her. Indigo and Herman feel for each other and become closer (don't worry not romantically). Thomas gets killed by RG 1 and 2, Herman dies from Muffet, Batania dies trying to save them with the bomb thing and mettaton, and Indigo dies from Mettaton EX and says "Clare, I'll see you on the other side."
Bailey and frisk are freaking out at this point, desperately trying to get home but are still pacifists. Asgore killed Bailey, and Frisk accidentally killed Asgore with the whole flowey thing. Frisk fights omega flowey and sees visions on their siblings as they try to defeat flowey. Frisk then gets to the pacifist ending, but Bailey is still dead. Everyone rushes in after Toriel when she realized almost all of her children died. She's beyond furious, but then Flowey does his thing, turns into Asriel. Frisk sees visions of the siblings again and they fight to free Asriel. When Asriel uses the souls to break the Barrier, it works of course, and the souls return to their bodies, and everyone is back (except for Batania of course). None of them are mad, just happy to be alive. They cross the barrier with everyone, and they go out onto the cliff thingie. When they're about to leave, Asriel returns and calls out "mom? Dad?" And he's reunited with his family. Yaaaay! Then they start a life on the surface. That's all that I had figured out. I'm also leaving this account and starting a new one, for a fresh start on Wattpad.

Anyways, I'm sorry, but goodbye.

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