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*a year later*


I walked up Mt. Ebott, looking into the abyss. I sat down, my legs hanging over the edge. I could push myself off right now. I'd fall. What would happen, I don't know, but something would. It's better then staying here. Nothing changes. I wake up, avoid the "parents", go to school, get bullied, go home, avoid parental units some more, try not to cry, go to sleep. I want-no I need change. This isn't a good idea Clare. You could freaking die. Plea-I ignored that smart little voice in my head and pushed myself off. As I fell, I wasn't scared. What ever happens, happens. I've just got to wait for something to happen now. I hit the ground, and I didn't die. Good. Wait...who's that?

*Bailey POV(3rd person)

"Bailey, please go check on the flowers. It is your turn." The goat Mom asked with cheer in her voice. Every week, one of the three of  them(Thomas, Indi, and Bailey) would go check on the flowers and make sure Flowey isn't eating any children.

"Alright mum!"  Bailey exclaimed, jumping toward the door.  She walked toward the entrance to the underground, saying hello to Blooky when I passed him. I finally reached the entrance, and noticed a smol child laying in the flowers.
OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE! They stood up, and brushed themselves off.

"Yo." The small child said,  not really seeming to react to the fact that she they just fell from a hole into the freaking abyss. "I'm Clare, is there any chance my sister's here?"

"Well buckets of fluff."

                                                               Short Tem skeep
After explaining where they were to Clare, Bailey led her to Toriel's house, thanking the stars that Flowey was somewhere else. Clare wasn't anxious to get to Toriel's house. She was contempt with taking as much time as she needed. However, when they finally arrived, Clare was jumping around excitedly. Bailey opened the door and the first thing she heard was her bestie screaming(followed by Toriel asking her to quiet down a bit).


"Showtime!" Clare answered, and Indigo dropped everything, and looked at her sister.


"INDIIIIIIIIIIII!" Clare rushed to her sister and they shared a warm embrace . Bailey just left, but not before shrieking "I TOLD YA SO!" As Bailey left the room, she grabbed Thomas who was kinda just standing there.


"Let them have their moment dear brother. You can introduce yourself later."

As dinner came around, everyone got to know Clare a bit better. After dinner, Toriel slipped away for a moment, and then came out announcing something. "Children, come see please!" They all went rushing up to Goat Mom curious. As there are now more of us, I have decided something. Thomas and Bailey, you two will move into the room that was previously 'under renovation', and Clare and Indigo will have the original bedroom. Everything is already set up."

"Thanks Mom! We love you!" They all said in unison.

Oh my goodness these children are to cute. Toriel thought chuckling, and then going to go read her book.

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