What now?

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"CLARE! WHAT WAS THAT?" Thomas screamed, holding the taller one with the help of Indigo.

"OH LIKE YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING!" Clare screamed back, helping leading the way towards their home.

"Stop screaming guys, let's just get home." Bailey sighed, holing the smaller one. Indigo laughed, walking ahead with Clare. Several monsters watched them, and some paled seeing there would be more children running all over the place. When they finally reached Toriel's, Indigo opened the door, seeing a stressed Toriel.

"What happened?!"

"Mom, there are two more." Clare stated calmly, motioning to Bailey and Thomas holding the two.

"Oh my goodness! Are they okay?" Toriel asked, taking the two and bringing them to Bailey and Thomas's room, laying them down on a bed each. The four other children ran after, and into the bedroom. Toriel went to the smaller one, examining him for any serious injuries. Finding none, she then went to the taller, finding that he was the same way. Sighing, she turned around. "Okay. What happened?" The four started telling the story at the same time, and it was a loud, jumbled up mess. "One at a time please!"

They looked around, and Bailey decided to tell the story. "Okay so that demon flower dude was attacking them and then we found them and Clare started destroying the vines that were hurting them and then I deflected a vine trying to kill her with my frying pan and then we all started trying to stop Flowey and then he got fed up and left and dropped them and then we caught them and they fainted and yeah."

"Okaaaayy then. Okay. We'll just have to wait for them to wake up!" Toriel exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "You four go play while I figure out what to do about space..."

"Okay Mom!" The four replied, running off obediently.

*time skip brought to you by the Hamilton singing from last chapter*

"Okay, I've figured it out! Thomas and Bailey's room will be turned into the boy's room. Thomas, you will stay in that room, but we're adding a bed. Bailey, you're moving into Indigo and Clare's room, which will become the girl's room. Again, we're adding a bed. Just like it was before Clare." Toriel announced. The two boys seemed to be waking up soon, so they all waited.


"AHHHHH! DEMON FLOWER!" The elder exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. The younger one slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes. The family smiled, waiting for the two to adjust.

"Who are you?" The younger asked, yawning.

"Hello, I am Toriel, caretaker of the ruins and these four. This is Bailey, Thomas, Indigo, and Clare."

"Hi!" They all replied, waving. "What are you guys' names?" Bailey asked politely.

"I'm Clover, and this is Herman, and I am confused." The older one said, rubbing his head.

Clare took a deep breath and explained at top speed. "Woah." Herman replied, smiling.

"WELCOME TO THE UNDERGROUND!" Thomas smiled. He might have been overly excited by the new addition to the family.

Time skip

The group decided to take a tour around the Ruins, showing the newcomers their way around. Clover grew bored however, and snuck off from the group, leaving his energetic brother with everyone else.

Thomas's POV

I saw Clover walk away, and looked around. No one else seemed to notice, so I followed. I walked behind him discretely, not wanting to get caught. I had the feeling he wouldn't like it if he found me behind him. I was focusing on where he was going, and I didn't notice the pile of leaves I just stepped on. I ran behind the corner as he looked behind him, and kept walking. I avoided the pile of leaves and continued going. After a few minutes of pretty much going in circles until he spoke.

"I know you're following me Thomas." He chuckled, turning around. My eyes widened, "Wha-"

"I heard two sets of footsteps, and I'm pretty sure I don't have four feet, so I got suspicious. I also saw your shirt when you hid behind the wall." He explained, walking towards me.

"Well then why didn't you say anything?!?" Thomas kinda-yelled-but-not-in-a-mean-way whilst waving his arms around. Clover shrugged, laughing. "Whatever, let's head back to the house before-"

"WAIT!" Clover grabbed Thomas's arm before he could continue walking, seeing his confused face, he took a deep breath. "What-what are you all doing down here?"

"Bailey fell, I followed her, ask Indigo, Clare was bored."

"No I mean, why haven't you tried to get out?" He elaborated.

"Oh! Well...I don't know. I don't think we can, plus-we all have a nice life down here! We have Mom!"

"Oh...so you've never tried?" Clover asked, looking around.

"Nope!" Thomas replied, "Can we go yet?"

"Oh, yeah...sure."

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