The Seventh Soul

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A/N Hi. I just want to say, thanks. Thanks for giving up your time to read my story. I've been writing this story for about 9 months. It started of by me writing in a note book. The story was very different, but also the same. I've become a better writer and I now know what grammar is. I'm still not happy with the story, but you people are reading it, commenting, and voting. I know its cheesy, but I really really appreciate it. Just the fact that you're reading it means a ton. So thanks. Anyway, I know you probably hate A/Ns, so I'll end it here so that you can read this chapter with a semi-ominous title. Also...another time skip XD I'm not sorry :)

A year later, everything is going great. Clover and Herman fit in perfectly, Indigo was less depressed, Clare is as awesome as always, and the twins were turning eighteen. Everyone was setting up for the birthday celebration. Indigo was setting up some music, Clover was making decorations, Clare was in the kitchen with Bailey, baking a cake, and Thomas and Herman were giving invitations to the monsters of the ruins. Everything was great, yet normal.

The time came for the actual party, everyone was having fun. The music was great, Clover got lots of compliments for his decorations, the cake was delicious, and almost everyone came. The twins had always dreamed of their 18th, they always pictured themselves driving. There are no roads underground though so...yeah. They also pictured themselves dating someone, but Bailey was like, 'Nah!'  and Thomas thought it would be weird to ask his adoptive sister out-I MEAN WHAT. So their lives weren't perfect, but they were happy. It came to the time for singing the happy birthday song, and Thomas and Bailey had the biggest smiles on there faces, about to blow out the candles, when a loud thump was heard. Every one looked toward the door, then at the kids (and now adults), who sighed, and bolted out the door.

"Every damn year!" Thomas exclaimed while running with his siblings.

"Watch your f*cking language!" Clare yelled back, running ahead as her Indigo scolded her. They made it to the entrance and found a small child panicking as a bunch of "friendliness pellets" circled them. Bailey panicked and hit the source with her frying pan.

"WHY ARE YOU STILL CARRYING THAT THING YOU BRAT!" Flowey screamed in pain. Thomas and Clover swooped in and dragged the child away as Flowey began to recover. Herman looked at his siblings and noticed they all had something to attack with...except him.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" He yelled, looking down at his notebook. Clover snickered, and took out his pistol and held it in a dramatic stance. Flowey recovered and looked up at the group. They were all lined  up, and Flowey realized something.

 They were all lined  up, and Flowey realized something

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He had all seven souls right in front of him. He looked down at his leaves and maniacally laughed. He kept laughing, and the sibling looked at each other and came to an agreement. "YoU idIo- GOD DAMNIT!" They had all left and were running through the ruins. They all made it back home panting. They noticed everyone had left by now. Oh well.

"Oh my goodness! What happened to you! Bailey, I thought I told you to put your frying pan down! My stars, come inside. Oh! Hello little one!" She finally noticed the small child that had just fallen. Clare began to explain.

"Yeah. We found them getting at-"

"Attacked by the flower?" Toriel finished. After 5 years, you know what happens.

"This has to stop becoming a regular thing..." Indigo whispered, making Thomas snicker.

"Oh yeah! Hey kid, what's your name?" Thomas asked, bending down to the child's level.

"I-I'm Frisk. Who are you and...where am I? What just happened?" The child, Frisk stated, confused.

"I'm Bailey."





"Herman" After everyone introduced themselves, Thomas explained the situation. Frisk was still confused though.

"So wait, how do we get ou-"

"Okay, I have pulled out another bed and squeezed it in the girls room. Are you okay with that Frisk?" Toriel asked, walking back into the room. Bailey took a good look at her mother's face. She saw lots of stress hidden behind her natural kind and caring face. Bailey wondered what having seven children must be like for her.

"That's fine, thank you very much er..."

"Toriel...but you may call me 'Mom' if you'd like, everyone else does..." Toriel smiled.

"Thanks very much..Mom" Everyone smiled brightly, including Frisk.

"Okay, it's been a long day, I'm going to bed." Clover yawned, heading to the boys' room.

"Me too, goodnight everyone." Indigo yawned as well. Everyone soon followed, going to bed. No one had any idea way lied in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed! I think this is the chapter that took me the shortest amount of time, but I'm happy with it! And now it is 10:45 pm, goodnight!

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