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For You || b.w.s {Sequel to Fall}  by httpsimpsonhemmings
For You || b.w.s {Sequel to Fall} by Chloe
Now done with University, Avery is back home reconnecting with old friends and slowly gaining the life she's dreamed off. With new faces come with new problems, Will Av...
  • jamesmcvey
  • connorball
  • romance
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Reign Of Blood|Levi Ackerman by BellaAlvarez
Reign Of Blood|Levi Ackermanby Bella
"You interest me." "What, like a book interests you?" Insubordinate. Reckless, Stubborn. Terrifying. These are just a few words that can describe Kat...
  • battle
  • humanitysstrongest
  • motherly
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Invincible by terra_nova
Invincibleby terra_nova
"I didn't know you had friends like Isaac," Willa said in greeting. "I don't," muttered Jared. Isaac rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you don't. You have...
  • tgtg
  • stopmentalhealthstigma
  • comingofage
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Based on Us by wxlfiecindy
Based on Usby Biebeffect
Based on Us Instagram biebeffect
  • hurting
  • quotes
  • love
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Tutoring the Bad boy (under editing/slow updates) by dreamthelittlethings
Tutoring the Bad boy (under Dreamthelittlethings
"I need you to tutor me." Nick Wonder, the rich leader of the bad boys in school gets everything his heart desires. Throwing the wildest parties every weekend...
  • couples
  • drugs
  • drama
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HOOK'D: Gay Dating App by awriter100
HOOK'D: Gay Dating Appby awriter100
Milan Alexander Harper is a 18 year old boy who has just moved to Atlanta to attend one of the best art colleges in the United States. He dives head first into the world...
  • lgbt
  • atlanta
  • thugs
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Love at First Sight (Harry Potter Love Story) by giannaluvsdogs
Love at First Sight (Harry g ★
"Love at First Sight" is a feeling - a belief. It occurs when two people find one another, creating a bond such as two halves becoming a whole. Therefore...
  • harrypotterandthegobletoffire
  • ravenclaw
  • friendship
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First friend and love. (Gaara love story.) by Trueprincess1
First friend and love. (Gaara Mary
A beautiful girl named Manami Kazuo met Gaara when they both were eight years old. Naturally, sharing the same fate , they became best of friends. Happiest days of Gaa...
  • death
  • ninja
  • shinobi
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The Beauty of Courage by randomthoughts96
The Beauty of Courageby randomthoughts96
When a woman of famous and true beauty discovers she is to be married to a greedy and callous king forty years her senior, she must escape or else spend the rest of her...
  • queen
  • love
  • fiction
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The Story Of An Orphan Child....|ON HOLD by yumy_yy
The Story Of An Orphan Child....| YuMña HäšSaÑ
"Hi, my name is Rachel and I was born with a twin named Anna. We're both 11 years old but I'm a minute older than my sister. We live in England now. Well that's a s...
  • bravery
  • siblinglove
  • cruelty
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I am in an Otome game!!!?? (DISCONTINUED) by SoraSenjyu
I am in an Otome game!!!?? ( SoraSenjyu
What happens when a normal 17 year old orphan living in Japan dies and gets reincarnated into an Otome game that she just played ?!. ________________________________...
  • fantasy
  • wattys2017
  • bravery
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Rich Boy. Poor Girl. by Girl_Of_Steele
Rich Boy. Poor Girl_Of_Steele
Ivy Steele lived in a small town house, who was the granddaughter of a poor auto mechanic. Ashton LaForge was the son of the CEO for the largest company and mansion in...
  • romance
  • richboy
  • family
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fetus ♫ l.s. by JeddieJay
fetus ♫ Jayme Dray
[COMPLETE at 81.9K] "He had a screechy voice, a god-awful hairstyle, the body of a thirteen-year-old girl and the mind of a thirteen-year-old boy. What was there to...
  • story
  • confession
  • fetus
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Dark Age Maiden by tomboylatte
Dark Age Maidenby Tom's Place
Lady Carina has boldly told her father, lord of the manor, that she will not marry the man he has chosen for her. Soon, she comes to know the power of love. But is it to...
  • swordfighting
  • gothic
  • love-triangle
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The Other Woman  by MyImaginaryLove
The Other Woman by Arya
" You destroyed me. Watch me how I destroy you. Be prepared. But you should know. No one could save you now. No one. I will come back soon. "...
  • media
  • destruction
  • betrayal
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The Badboy and his Family by smashashxx
The Badboy and his Familyby Ashleigh Kate Bianca Portsmou...
SEQUEL TO THE BADBOY SAVED THE ABUSED GIRL The Badboy and his Family Six years have past since the drama with Jake and her parents. But what happens when the court trial...
  • badboy
  • bravery
  • secrets
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DiverseTale (An UT RP) by Justice_The_Soul_
DiverseTale (An UT RP)by 💜A Proud Cyster💜
Long ago, Seven souls ruled the underground Patience Bravery Perseverance Integrity Kindness Justice And DETERMINATION They ruled in harmony until one day, war broke ou...
  • human
  • justice
  • souls
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Forever In Memory by Sapph1r3Ech0
Forever In Memoryby WanderingSoul: Laughter
Naruto is a spirit that follows Sans wherever he goes. The soul of Love but, not included with the others. The one human that never seemed to matter when he fell. Never...
  • bravery
  • sans
  • patience
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~A Cinderalla Tale ~ by Sh_aarohi
~A Cinderalla Tale ~by Ishu Writes
She stops abruptly as a Familiar cologne hits her nostrils She freezes as his hot breath falls on her cheeks..As in reflex she closes her eyes "From all the people...
  • rikara
  • love
  • shivika
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Game of Secrets and Shadows (Book One in the Covert Operations series) by DelaneyBrenna
Game of Secrets and Shadows ( Delaney Brenna
Previously titled 'Covert Love Melanie Clarke was ready for the world. Whatever it wanted to throw at her, let it come. With years of covert operations training under...
  • thrilling
  • school
  • covert
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