Inseparable Souls (Manan ss) by mehaklovely
Inseparable Souls (Manan ss)by Mehak
Inseparable are those who share their souls together. This story is of Manik , who was having dark past , he was living a fake life , in this you will see how Nandini lo...
  • inseparable
  • darkpast
  • mehakovely
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Dragon Heritage by Dragongirl216
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G Nwright
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
  • gods
  • wattys2017
  • adventure
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obsidian's reign by mikozaki
obsidian's reignby īmān
Obsidian - a colour as dark as the never-ending abyss in the shadowy realms of the Underworld, the colour of Clara Avery's tresses, and the inevitable shade of the futur...
  • royalty
  • wattys2018
  • reap
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Friend Of The Dead by shawin02
Friend Of The Deadby shawin02
"They witnessed her destruction, They were left to wonder why, She saw nothing but darkness, Though the stars shone in her eyes, But maybe they'd forgotte...
  • bellaswan
  • alicecullen
  • ghosts
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-<{Scars}>- Female Chara X Male Reader by -_OutLaw-Rising_-
-- Female Chara X Male Readerby Jasøn
I'm bad with descriptions
  • determination
  • souls
  • flowey
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Darkened Wings (BoyXBoy) {COMPLETE} by Aramyst87
Darkened Wings (BoyXBoy) {COMPLETE}by Koma
[Rated #22 in Angel] The one who sat in the throne was Leto himself. His body was huge, you could literally stand in his palm if you wanted to. His eyes were mysterious...
  • lord
  • evil
  • completed
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World of Souls #RPG Certified  by MrKingEmperor
World of Souls #RPG Certified by MrKingEmperor
#RPG Certified #DailyUpdates After being persuaded by his friend to play the most popular and newest VRMMORPG on the market, Hiro Bane finally thought that not only coul...
  • dungeon
  • sadist
  • vrmmorpg
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Two Souls On Fire Z.M (Editing & On hold) by Harrystylesmyprince
Two Souls On Fire Z.M (Editing & Z.M
Story's name changed from Date if you dare to Two Souls On Fire Not your typical love story; in which a multiphobic psychotherapist woman takes Zayn Malik on a mind trip...
  • two
  • zayn
  • anastasia
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(Creepypasta x Ghost Rider! Reader) by CreepingEyes
(Creepypasta x Ghost Rider! Reader)by Abomination
You, Y/n L/n , the oldest Ghost rider that's ever existed, sold her soul to the Devil. Her reason why, No one knows. When she travels to a small town she senses an unrea...
  • oldest
  • demons
  • creepypasta
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Fake - JJK by IAteYourBacon
Fake - JJKby Jimin
His face is fake, his body is fake, his brain is fake, but his heart isn't. What happened to the unfortunate souls of 1945?
  • bts
  • souls
  • truth
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His Lost Soul [Naruto FanFiction] by MafiaRainbow
His Lost Soul [Naruto FanFiction]by Adam
[WARNING]: Contains Suicidal Thoughts/Actions! Naruto Uzumaki.. A name lost in the crowd, The name nobody thought twice about... The 13 letters people didn't seem to wan...
  • team7
  • bullies
  • hate
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Bodies Changed by alexannam16
Bodies Changedby AlexannaMarie❤️
Emma Swan, is a hard working university student who is just trying to make a future of herself. And has only one thing in her mind, to help people out. Killian Jones, i...
  • changed
  • onceuponatime
  • wattys2017
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"Red Hearts" ❰Glitchtale Frisk X Reader❱ by SenpaiJules
"Red Hearts" ❰Glitchtale Frisk X Jules~Chan
"Y/N! Get behind me-now!" I fearfully hid behind Frisk, them swiping their sword at 'Betty Noire'. Betty clearly was aiming for me, knowing that Frisk wouldn'...
  • friskxreader
  • glitchtalefrisk
  • fear
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Revival/Return from the Grave by thebellwether
Revival/Return from the Graveby thebellwether
COMPLETED! (This is one of my favorite short stories, so I hope you enjoy it!) Synopsis: I am about to die, my only wish is to close my eyes and join the grave. But, tha...
  • webnovel
  • determinedprotagonist
  • completed
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Midnight Keys by Chasoe
Midnight Keysby Slow Updates
Lucy Heartfilia was called a slut and a weakling by her guild mates and the only support she has are her spirits... But when DoranBolt comes with the former Ocarian seis...
  • nalu
  • camp
  • sabertooth
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Manufactured Souls by KpopOfTheThing
Manufactured Soulsby ratsalt
This is not Kpop related, so if you only like the Kpop ones, go read the others. Not all people are made equally. Some are genuine. Real. Some are just manufactured to...
  • deadly
  • bad
  • feel
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The D€MØN KÎNG'S N€PHÅLÊM by GeekdomOne
The D€MØN KÎNG'S N€PHÅLÊMby DarlingFire
NEPHALEM (noun) def: The powerful offspring of a Demon and an Angel. In different translations, the birth of a Nephalem signals the End of the World. ...
  • dark
  • markfischbach
  • love
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Experiment 2_T by book2018writer
Experiment 2_Tby book2018writer
This is a Prequel to the Book: Fall Through that should only be read after it or during it. This is a spinoff of Handplates by Zarla La Entry Number: @%*$%$% The magical...
  • science
  • backstory
  • souls
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The Morning Star (TMI City of Lost Souls AU) by Elysia21
The Morning Star (TMI City of Sydney
When Clary goes after Jace to save him from Sebastian, she doesn't expect to find them bound together and working together. What she expects even less is when she joins...
  • star
  • fanfiction
  • clace
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BLIND DEVOTION : The Misconceptions of Me | B o o k 1 by MaloryBelle
BLIND DEVOTION : The м a l o r y в e l l e
Status: Complete ✔ | Editing process ▶ Tell me what's the perfect picture of young adults life nowadays. Would you say a countless number of friends? Going to a pa...
  • got7jackson
  • asian
  • chinese
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