Kindness and Bravery

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Bailey and Thomas Potts climbed Mt.Ebott, hopeing to find a new life. Their parents had died in a car accident, so they had been homeless, as there were no orphanages any where near. They were reaching the peak, when darkness began to fall.

"Thomas? The sun's setting. Shouldn't we find some sort of shelter soon?" Bailey asked, growing more tired by the minute.

"Nah, I heard that there's a pit at the top, I just want to check it out." Thomas replied, hiking farther upwards. Bailey ran behind him.

"That probably means this is a dormant volcano or something! It's probably nothing." She tried to explain, eager to rest.

"Let's just check it out, it's not like it'll blow up in our faces or anything." Thomas replied excitedly. He hiked higher and higher, the air slowly getting cooler.

"This better be a fricken volcano. Bring us some warmth!" She yelled at the world, trying to focus on something other then the cold. As she looked around at the scenery, she didn't realize that her brother had stopped, thus running into him.

"Oof! Why'd ya stop?" As she got closer though, her question was answered. A huge cave entrance was ahead, with no light to be seen.

"Let's go!" Thomas exclaimed, about to walk right in. Seeing this, Bailey grabbed his shirt.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! You can't just walk into a creepy dark cavern of doom! Who knows what's in there! There could be lions! Or tigers! Or evil bugs that will eat our flesh!"

"Bailey," Thomas sighed, turning around, "First of all, lions and tigers aren't even native to this area. Second of all, they're call mosquitoes! We'll be fine!" Thomas explained, walking into the dark cave entrance. Bailey, at a loss for words, ran after him.

"Thomas! I hope you know what your doing..." She followed him reluctantly, as there didn't seem to be any other option.

"Keep your hand on my shoulder, it's really dark." Thomas told her, walking further into the darkness.

Doing as he said she replied, "No, really? A cave with no light found is dark?" sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Shut up," Thomas laughed, "At least I- AHHHHHH!" Thomas found himself tripping over a vine, and falling into what seemed like a big hole. "BAILEY! Help!" He panicked, reaching out for something.

"Thomas!" Bailey exclaimed, and just barely able to grab his hand, "I got you! I got you," she tried pulling him up, but gravity was pulling them both down. 'I don't got you!' She thought she tried to back up and pull him up. In this process, she tripped over a small stone and fell in, screaming along with Thomas. As she fell she noticed that on the ground was a patch of golden flowers, " Thomas! I see some flowers on the ground! We might make it!" She yelled, trying to be louder than the wind screaming in her ears.

"Ok!" Was his only response, as he flailed through the air. This all happened over a span of about 7 seconds. Finally, they hit the ground with a 'oof!'

HEYYY ZEBRACORNS! This was originally a story on archive of our own, but it's easier to post here. Annnnyyyy waaaayyyyy. Because of it being on another website, it will take about a day for each chapter to come out up until chapter 7. That's all I have written so far. Then, updates may not be very often. You guys are gonna have to remind me (nicely please😊)

Anyway, hope you like this! Enjoy!

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