A new human?

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*a few weeks later*

"Thomas. Thomas. Wake up!" Bailey called out to her brother, who was still asleep. He turned over in his bed, covering his face in the blanket.

"Ehhhhhh, to tired." He groaned sleepily. It was very hard to wake Thomas up in the mornings, all ways had been.

"We made muffins!" She tried, knowing food might get him up up.

"Meeeh what kind?" He asked, slightly turning over.

"Butterscotch cinnamon of course!" She exclaimed happily. This had been a recipe Toriel and Bailey had been working on sense the day after they got to the ruins. It took them a while, but they finally perfected it.

"I'm up!" He popped up into a sitting position and left out of the bed, running towards the living room/dinning room where they ate. As Bailey suspected, food got him up. She was dressed in the original outfit she chose, with her apron on. She wore the apron all the time, unless she was sleeping or getting ready for bed. Today her short hair was pulled back into a ponytail, one the only rules Toriel had. These were, always pull your hair back while baking, no punching the walls with full force (Thomas I'm looking at you), and NEVER go into the basement. The last rule was easy to follow. Basements were creepy, no need to go in there!

The twins were very happy there. They explored the ruins, made new friends, and never ran into Flowey. Bailey always seemed to be in the kitchen, cooking something with Toriel in the kitchen, while Thomas could be found conversing with Frogits and Nabstablook. Both were extremely happy to have a family again, and enjoyed every moment with Toriel and their new friends. But things never stay the same forever.

********time skip to a year later(there will be many time skips in the beginning)*************

Bailey and Thomas were running through the Ruins chasing each other that day. As they ran, they deactivated puzzles, as they were quite used to them now(it had been a year) and ended up where they first fell.

"Wow, can't believe it's been a year. And without ANY orange juice!" Bailey thought aloud, cause if her brother to smile.

"Wow is right. Have to admit, this place is way better than the surface. It's peaceful, yet so close to the horrible world above." Thomas replied.

"It wasn't that bad. I mean, yeah there was war and murder and racism and sexism and greed and- ok yeah it was that bad. I don't miss it, I'll admit." Bailey added, looking up through the pit the fell down all that time ago. "Wait, do you hear something?'

"Yeah, oh no-"

Screams. One from Bailey, and one from a figure that was falling into the underground. All the twins could do is watch, and see a girl that looked their age fell onto the flowers.

"Ow." The girl said as she pushed herself up.

"Are-Are you all right?" Bailey asked, shocked at the sight of someone falling.

"Oh, hi. Dose this mean I'm not dead?" The girl asked, standing up as though she hadn't fallen atleast a hundred feet. She brushed herself off and looked at the twins, a confused look on her face.

"Uh, no. You're not dead. Um, welcome to the underground." Thomas told her, though it sounded like more of a question. "I'm Thomas, and this is my sister, Bailey."

"Hi!" Bailey greeted with a smile on her face.

"Um, hi. I'm Indigo. Where am I?" Indigo greeted, still confused.

"Welcome Underground! The land of the monsters!" Bailey exclaimed cheerfully.


HA HA! HEEEEEYYYY ZEBRACORNS! That's right, a new human has arrived! She's based off of my real best friend, Bailey is based off of me, and Thomas.....nah I just created Thomas because I like making OC's. Some of the other souls will be based off of real people as well by the way. Thank you for reading my story, if you've come across it somehow. I appreciate it. Anyway, on to the next chapter!

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