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Thank you all so so much for reading I Got You.  I am absolutely in love with this book and I can definitely confirm it is one of my best.

Now, this book is caught up to the end of season one. I will be posting a sequel to this story. It's titled You Got Me and will follow season two of Riverdale including Savanna! The book and character page is up now so go add it to your library.

You've reached the end of I Got You. I've never had so much passion and dedication to write a story. It took me around two weeks to write this. Granted, that doesn't count editing and rewriting as I did so many times but it's here and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you all so much for your support, whether it be voting, commenting, or just reading. It means the world.

all the love,


august 14, 2017 - november 3, 2017

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