Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! // Part Three

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Jughead had called me sometime after I finally stopped crying to tell me that he and Betty were going to find a getaway car that Polly and Jason hid

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Jughead had called me sometime after I finally stopped crying to tell me that he and Betty were going to find a getaway car that Polly and Jason hid. Deciding my sister could hear my support later, I skipped the Variety Show and met up with them at the edge of the forest.

Our flashlights skimmed broken bottles and garbage cans as we came upon an old Blossom Maple Syrup sign. Jughead's flashlight hit the car first, followed by mine and Betty's. We rushed forward through the mud and tore off the cover. Jughead pulled the trunk open as rain poured down on us.

We turned stuff in the car around and shifted through it. Betty's hand latched onto Jason's varsity jacket as she turned it to reveal his name. Jughead's hand reached underneath the jacket to pull out a little bag.

"What are those?" Betty glanced at the bag.

Jughead was silent for a second, "Drugs. Guys."

My mind finally kicked into gear as I realized the situation we were in, "Wait, Jughead put it down! This is evidence. This is all evidence."

Jughead shoved the bag back where it was and the three of us dropped whatever was in our hands.

"Crap. This whole car is a crime scene." Jughead started taking pictures on his phone.

"Okay," Betty started planning, "We need to get Sheriff Keller and then we need to find Polly."

"Already on it." I started typing out a message to Sheriff Keller as Jughead closed the trunk and we sprinted towards the school.


"I got your text. What is it?" Sheriff Keller met us in the hall as soon as we came running in.

"Look," Jughead's hands were shaking as he showed his phone to Sheriff Keller, "It's Jason's jacket."

Sheriff Keller grabbed the phone, "Where'd you get that?"

"In the trunk of a car with a bunch of his other stuff. Jason was running away with Polly," Betty explained. Jughead and I were panting and for once, I regretted not joining track.

"Where's the car?"

Betty sighed as Jughead and I groaned. We all took off to head outside to talk to Sheriff Keller. He said he would call in a deputy to come search the area with him so we could go find Polly.

Water dripped all over me as we ran through the halls of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Lightning flashed outside, illuminating the walls. Jughead's hand was holding mine when we finally made it to Polly's room. Thunder cracked as Betty slammed the door open to reveal a shattered window and an empty bedroom.

Betty called her name as the three of us walked forward towards the window. Shards of glass shattered under my boots. As Jug and Betty looked down, my eyes caught on the dark red liquid seeping down the remaining glass.

"Guys," My voice wavered as I pointed. Betty gasped as Jughead stared on with wide eyes.

Wherever Polly was, she was hurt, and we needed to find her before anyone else.


okay super sorry this is short but i had no idea what else to add. hope you guys enjoyed and are ready for more #juganna!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 2K!!!!!

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