The Lost Weekend // Part Two

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"You know, Jug

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"You know, Jug. I'm a little upset that I had to hear about your birthday from Archie and not you." I nudged his shoulder gently as the lights in the movie theater dimmed.

He rolled his eyes at me, "Yeah, well. I didn't think you were an American Werewolf kind of girl."

I gasped, "That's where you're wrong, Jughead Jones."

The movie passed by quicker than I thought and I had to practically drag Jughead to Archie's house. He was complaining the whole way that I made him leave early. I pushed open Archie's front door, hoping everything was in order.

I closed the door behind me just as all the lights switched on and our friends jumped out from their hiding spots.


Jughead didn't look as happy as I expected but he still looked a little joyful. "This is why we left the double feature."

Archie walked forward, a blue cup in his hand. "Happy birthday, bro."

I skipped my way around the corner to find Betty in the kitchen, lighting the candles on Jug's cake.

"You, my dear friend, are a lifesaver." I gave her a hug.

She smiled and placed the cake in my waiting hands. "That's my job. Now, come on."

We both walked into the family room as Betty dimmed the lights. She joined me in singing Happy Birthday as we walked towards Jughead. The dark haired boy looked like he was lost in his own world before he snapped out of it.

"That was haunting, Vanna."

I rolled my eyes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, "Blow out the candles and make a wish!"

I could see Ronnie leave the room as Jughead turned to me, "I wish it were just the two of us right now." Eventually, he blew out the flames as Archie left the room too. Everyone clapped as I watched the redhead's retreating figure.

I took the cake from Jughead and set it on the table as Betty wrapped him in a hug. She let go of him to entertain everyone else. I made my way into the kitchen and felt Jug's hand on my back. My eyes widened as I saw Veronica and Archie hugging.

"Oh, shit. Sorry." I froze in my spot, "Just coming to get ice cream. Ron, is everything okay?"

My sister attempted to recompose herself but I knew she was upset from our meeting with Dad's lawyer. "Yeah, no, I'm just not in a party mood like I usually am."

"That makes two of us." Jughead turned abruptly to escape the room.

I grabbed his arm, "Whoa, wait. You're not actually upset that I threw you a party, are you?"

Jughead leaned against the counter. "It's nice, Vanna. I appreciate it. It's just I would be happier if was just the five of us in a booth at Pop's."

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