The River's Edge // Part Two

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"So, I usually start off my tours with a little history and context

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"So, I usually start off my tours with a little history and context. Riverdale High first opened its doors in 1941 and..."

Veronica cut Betty off, "And hasn't been redecorated since, apparently."

"Ronnie," I hissed, giving her a glare, "Sorry, Betty."

Betty gave me a grateful smile as Veronica continued, "Honestly I feel like I'm wandering through the lost epilogue of Our Town."

Betty tried to cover her shock with a laugh as I rolled my eyes at my sister. Here she goes again with this mouth of hers, wandering before she thinks. I had a feeling that Betty was more of a quiet, rule-following girl. Veronica didn't pick up on that, obviously, because her next comment sent Betty into even more of a spin.

"So what's the social scene like here? Any night clubs?"

Betty lucked out in a reply as a boy slid up next to Ronnie, "A strip club called the Hoe Zone and a tragic gay bar called Innuendo," He started walking backwards so he could face us, "Friday nights, football games and then tailgate parties at the Mallmart parking lot. Saturday night is movie night, regardless of what's playing at the Bijou, and you better get there early because we don't have reserved seating in Riverdale."

"Oh and Sunday nights..." The boy wrapped himself around Betty, almost knocking her out with his binder, "Thank God for HBO."

Betty waved her hand in front of Veronica and I, "Veronica and Savanna Lodge, Kevin Keller."

"Marrows." My voice cut Betty off from her next sentence, "Living like a Lodge but born a Marrows."

Betty's smile didn't falter, "I stand corrected, Veronica Lodge and Savanna Marrows. They're new here. Kevin is..."

"Gay, thank God," Veronica cut Betty off this time, "Let's be best friends."

"Is it true what they say about your dad?"

That was not the comment I expected out of Kevin's mouth but I knew I was going to hear it at least once today, if not everyday. The drama that was involved with Dad was insane. Whatever was happening, I could tell was hidden partially from my sister and I but I didn't push.

"That he's the devil incarnate?" I suggested.

"We stand by our father," Veronica backed my rhetorical question up. Somehow, I felt a bit uncertain in her statement but I didn't dare bring it up.

"Does everyone here know?" I looked between Betty and Kevin as Ronnie crossed her arms. The duo in front of us exchanged guilty looks, leaving the answer to the obvious.

"Wonderful. Ten minutes in and we're already the Blue Jasmines of Riverdale High." Ronnie twisted on her heels and started walking again. I scrambled to follow her quick pace as I heard Betty's footsteps behind me. The blonde girl gave us an apologetic look before leading us on the tour.

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