The Outsiders // Part One

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Each day got a little more interesting with Polly Cooper in the room next to me

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Each day got a little more interesting with Polly Cooper in the room next to me. Currently, Sheriff Keller was in the living room with us girls. Polly was explaining what she knew from the last time she spoke to Jason, months ago.

"That was the last day you saw him?" Sheriff Keller asked.

"At Pop's, when he told me the plan, that he was gonna fake his own death, and then we would meet up, but before that could happen, my mom and dad sent me away," Polly said.

"One of Jason's teammates said that before he ran away, Jason was dealing drugs," Betty hinted.

"Making a one-time delivery," Polly confirmed our guess, "He needed...We needed money. To get away and to start over."

Sheriff Keller nodded, "So Riverdale's star football player becomes a drug mule?"

Polly kept explaining, "He went to a bar on the other side of the tracks and made a deal with some biker gang."

"The Serpents?" Sheriff Keller suggested. I tuned the conversation out as I repeated the words in my head. Somewhere, I heard that name or met one. I couldn't remember.

Whatever information Polly gave, Sheriff Keller pieced together, "The drugs your sister and her friends found in Jason's car... that went up in flames."

Polly's voice cracked, "Along with everything I had left of Jason, including the ring his nana gave me, which he was keeping until..." I saw tears run down her cheeks as Mom stood up.

"Okay, Sheriff, I think that's enough for tonight," Mom wasn't suggesting, she was demanding, "I think Polly needs her rest."

Mom lead him out as Betty ran her hand through her sister's hair. "We're gonna get you through this, okay?"

Polly nodded before leaning on her sister completely as she cried. I stood up from the armchair and sat on the table in front of them, rubbing Polly's knee gently as any help to comfort her.

I felt awful for her situation. It wasn't her fault Jason was dead. It wasn't her fault that her parents chose not to support her. Polly was in an unfortunate situation and all we could do was offer support and help, no matter what it took.


As usual, our group was piled in the student lounge for our early morning gossip. To my shock, Cheryl joined us today which has never happened before. We were discussing Polly who seemed to be the most talked about subject since she was found.

"Polly's convinced herself nobody wants her baby-"

"Besides, of course, the child-snatching Blossom monsters," Kevin cut off Betty's story before turning towards Cheryl, "No offense, Cheryl."

"None taken," The redhead responded bitterly.

Jughead was leaning on my shoulder as he played with my fingers, "So your mom and dad want Polly but not the baby, and the Blossoms want the baby and not Polly," He summed up, "That's a true Gordian knot."

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