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I Didn't Mean To Like You by SerpentBugheadsLove
I Didn't Mean To Like Youby SerpentBugheadsLove
For the longest time, The Serpent core 4 has bullied, Betty Cooper. Fangs Fogarty, Toni Topaz, Sweetpea, and Jughead Jones are the core 4. One day, Jughead Jones is puni...
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Detention [RIVERDALE] by Strangerlove353
Detention [RIVERDALE]by offline
Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Keller, Josie McCoy and Toni Topaz keep somehow getting detention together. Bughead Va...
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Stepsiblings // A Bughead story (COMPLETE) by bugheadrvdlovely
Stepsiblings // A Bughead story (C...by Bughead.lovely.rvd
After Betty Cooper meets the son of her mothers boyfriend, Jughead Jones, she can't stop thinking about him. Even the mysterious loner Jughead finds interest in the perf...
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Bughead ~ Give into me by bettsreinharts
Bughead ~ Give into meby bettsreinharts
Elizabeth Cooper, an innocent northsider. Forsythe Jones, a criminal southsider. What happens when two completely unrelated paths cross?
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My Sisters Babysitter | Bughead au by xriverdalebugheadx
My Sisters Babysitter | Bughead auby xriverdalebugheadx
"Hi. I'm Elizabeth Cooper but you can call me Betty. I am your babysitter for the day" She said with a smile. Jellybean smiled back and then she introduced he...
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Help by TheWeirdoStays
Helpby TheWeirdoStays
Jughead Jones. He stopped speaking when he started middle school and no one knows why except his father. He is now a senior and still hasn't spoken a word even when the...
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The King of the Serpents [discontinued] by clementinc
The King of the Serpents [disconti...by clementine
The man sitting in the chair laughed in a deep tone. "You think we took you because of his debt." He laughed once more. "No, we took you because you're ho...
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My Kidnapper Loves me? - Bughead AU by suprxmebetty
My Kidnapper Loves me? - Bughead AUby Bughead Reader
Jughead Jones How do we begin to explain Jughead Jones? Criminal Serpent leader Has his prey on Betty Cooper Betty Cooper Perfect girl next door Plastic And stone col...
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Famous ~A Sprousehart story by SprousehartBughead01
Famous ~A Sprousehart storyby Sprousehart01
A story about how two best friends get noticed by the the famous Tik Tok boys. Cole and Charles are instantly attracted to the two famous youtubers so what happens when...
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ABDW (Adult baby diaper wearer.) Betty... by ThatRiverdaleGirl
ABDW (Adult baby diaper wearer.) B...by ThatRiverdaleGirl
Jughead finds out that Betty enjoys wearing diapers, and it's SUPER Embarrassing for Betty to find out he knows her secret! What will poor Betty do?! (Just so you know...
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Happiness is Found in Pink Milkshakes and a Blonde Ponytail by emptytattoos
Happiness is Found in Pink Milksha...by Rachel
When Jughead Jones rolls up to Pop's one night, he expects it to be another lonely burger filled evening in his favourite booth. However, when a brave blonde from out of...
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Sweet Pea's Sister  {Betty Cooper} {Bughead} by Sleepykitten13
Sweet Pea's Sister {Betty Cooper}...by Sleepykitten13
When their parents divorced nine years ago, Sweet Pea moved with their Dad to Riverdale while his twin sister stayed in Chicago with their Mother. Now Betty is moving to...
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Why me? - Bughead story  by smexyswetty
Why me? - Bughead story by smexyswetty
Jughead is out to seek revenge against Malachi the leader of the Ghoulies after he killed Jughead's sister. He finds Malachi's only weekness, his girlfriend Betty. What...
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Damaged Roses by xpacifyyher_
Damaged Rosesby xpacifyyher_
[BUGHEAD STORIE] The school year is over and Betty Cooper has been accepted to NYU so she leaves her 'perfect' house in Riverdale to go live in a shared flat with her ne...
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Starlight by lunaticlili
Starlightby 𝐚 𝐬 𝐡 𝐥 𝐞 𝐲
[This is a Bughead Fanfic people] [Higest ranks : #1 in Sprousehart on 5/24/2020 and #5 in Bughead on 5/21/2020 Betty Cooper, the daughter of Hal Cooper, an abusive and...
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And they Were Roommates by cheryls_tears
And they Were Roommatesby cheryls_tears
After Bettys break up she moves in with her cousin, Cheryl and her roommate. Jughead Jones.
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The Marriage Deal (Bughead) by JugsBurgrs
The Marriage Deal (Bughead)by NoneOfYoDamnBusiness
Cover credit: @bcqhead Alice cooper. Once a southside serpent now a northsider with a perfect family. To leave the serpents she signed a contract. The deal was that when...
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Hurt me. by bugheadrvrdle
Hurt me.by bugheadrvrdle
Betty's life is hard as is, but having an abusive boyfriend, unsupportive parents and an ex-bestie; Doesn't make life any easier. Can Jughead help her through her strugg...
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Along the way by That_was_grate
Along the wayby Beautiful mind
Moving to a new town, is not such a bad thing. Betty is the loner girl with nothing. Jughead is the boy with everything and is popular. What happens when life and it's f...
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my stepbrother | bughead [finished] by lilisprouts
my stepbrother | bughead [finished]by lili sprouts ༄✫
betty and jughead don't know eachother until they are forced to live in the same house because their parents are dating, find out what happens when they develop feelings...
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